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Good Afternoon,

Just a quick note and thank you for the excellent customer service
I received from you.

I just received Order Number: CE462 and everything in great shape.

Thank you and Have A GREAT Day,
Patsy Goins

Subject: Re: Receipt of Oils

I wanted to let you know I received the oils I ordered on Feb. 18, I received them within 6 days in good condition. They smell very nice, I'll write later after using them for awhile. I have quite an extensive collection going that are Young Living Oils, the cost of your oils are much less. I like the fact that you show the GC/MS testing on each label.
I don't want to say anything bad about Young Living Oils because I do think they are so much nicer then the ones I was getting at the local Health Food Store. So the jury is still out. I'm very glad I found your web-site, and I would like to know how I can find ingredients and pricing for other products you sell, like the shampoo, oil bases, moisturizers, etc. I have searched the web quite a bit and I can only find your essential oils. Please direct me to the proper site. Thanks again for your prompt service, I was out of Patchouly for about a week, so I was glad to see it arrive!
Back at you soon. Debbi
P.S. You are welcome to use this e-mail on your testimonials if you like, I'll be keeping in touch with you. Please don't print my e-mail address though.

Outstanding! Thank you!!!! I can't believe you were able to accommodate this request for a change (I made a mistake when I ordered and meant to order the Organic Lavender)......Thanks for your attentiveness and stellar customer service! I can't wait to try your product! Sincerely, Barbara Laible

Hi! This email is to let you know I received my order today.. Please ignore previous email which a copy of is attached. Thank you once again. The oils are helping me to sleep and stay calm at work, as well as invigorate me when I need it.  Thank you for making a truly pure product. I'll be spreading the word as I teach others about aromatherapy. I'm am happy to discover these wonderful gifts of nature.  Loire

Just want to say thanks so much for filling my order so quickly. The essential order arrived in perfect shape and in time to use for one of my clients. She was delighted.

Thanks for being there when we need you and do keep up the good work.

My best to you,

Pat Stokes

I have ordered your products before & love their purity. Could yoiu kindly advise regarding your company's stand on export market & whether you would be interested in representation for the asian region.

thanks & regards,

Jason Gan

To everyone at Kobashi--Thank you for your great service! I love your products and found them to be excellent! I've placed my second order with your company. I Thank you for keeping your prices honest and affordable. I love the great quality of the essential oils I've received. I look forward to continue my business with Kobashi.
Tammie Polley

Subject: thank you for your swift delivery

Thank you for your swift working and good oils.

I received the oils yesterday, and it is beyond my expectation.

And thank for you free gift,also.

It's good to me for new year's present.

Happy new year!

Dear Youngsik Kim

Thank you for your letter. It's very appreciated!

Thanks to all of you as well. May this year bring Peace, happiness and good
health to you all!!!


Scott, Lynda, and Lily,

A very happy New Year to you as well! This holiday season has been a long
one at work and I can honsestly say I couldn't have made it through it
without your products. I'm looking forward to doing more business with you
in the upcoming year!


Absolutely. I hope that my words encourage
people to purchase your oils!! They won't regret
Happy Holidays!
Heather Wood
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Sent: Thu, 12 Dec 2002 16:10:53 +0000
Subject: Thank you for your kind words. They are
very appreciated. Re:Thank you!

Dear Heather

Thank you for your kind words. They are very

May we put them in the testimonials?

>Dear Scott and Lynda,
>Sometime this summer I stumbled upon your
>website and was immediately intrigued. I work in
>a store that makes it's own all natural bath and
>body products from scratch and so I've been
>learning about aromatherapy along the way. Once
>I felt comfortable enough with my own
>aromatherapy blends, I placed an order with you
>for my "basic" oils. I want to tell you that
>I've used a number of different oils at work and
>I've become a believer in Kobashi essential
>oils. Your integrity and quality of essential
>oils is wonderful. My plan is to become a
>certified aromatherapist and I guarantee that I
>will continue to order your oils for my
>blends.      Thank you so much!
>Heather Wood
>Clarkston, WA, USA
>"Man did not weave the web of life - he
>is merely a strand in it. Whatever he
>does to the web, he does to himself."
>Chief Seattle, 1854.
>"I think the environment should be put
>in the category of our national
>security.  Defense of our resources is
>just as important as defense abroad.
>Otherwise what is there to defend?"
>Robert Redford, Yosemite National Park
>dedication, 1985

Thank you..very prompt service...received goods today
> Hello Eileen Guinee,

I just placed another order, oils are selling great!


hello kobashi, i want to thank you for your excellent service and quality oils. what impressed me most was all the bottles have a built in drop dispenser. keep up the good work! barbara n. vassar, usa.

Dear Scott

Thanks for your efficient, I received my essential oils yesterday. It surprise me that I can received them so soon.

Best wish to you and your colleagues.


Just rec'd your oils I'm truly impressed !!!!! 

1. I've been working with Frankincense for over a year now .......so I know Frankincense Essential oil. Your oil is of excellent quality.

2.Your speedy del time was excellent just a few days and my order was here from another Country no less ! I'm impressed

3. I have told my sister who lives in England about your oils......she uses only good quality oils for her beautiful hand made soaps and creams. What a small world we live in !!!!!!!!

thank you so much again for your wonderful oils and my free gift I will be doing more business with your company again and will tell others of your oils.


Dear Linda

Thank you for your reply. glad to be of service.

i had another email from you. it is taken care of.
i will say that this is the second time i have ordered. i have used another company's oils for years. i do not like the politics of that company. it was very frustrating loving their oils so much, but disliking dealing with them. i have searched and searched for comparable oils. yours are the ones that i find the closest to them.
thank you!
mary fullen

I recieved your oils yesterday I am very impressed with the service I tried the tea tree oil and it works great and the others smell wonderful thanks again for your prompt service

Dinah Pepin

Hello everyone,
     I must say that I was so excited when my order came right before I was to work on a few people in NJ.  I have been doing bodywork with essential oils for almost 5 years now, and have been having wonderful results with the oils I had been using.  I do body/mind defusions and the oils are the catalyst for the work.  I must say, that this time, whew!!  My clients and I IMMEDIATELY felt the difference with your oils.  It was phenomenal!!  As soon as I started the bodywork, well, I have to say, that I will be ordering the oils from you from now on.  They are so powerful!  I have never had such a potent quality before.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  And I am sure that my clients thank you too.

 karen anderson, PA

Subject: Re: Thank you for your wonderful letter. May we add it to our testimonials? R...

     yes, you may add my letter to your testimonials.  I am very thankful that I stayed up until 3 in the morning to browse the web searching through different things.  That is how I stumbled upon your website.  And I am a very satisfied customer of yours.
     Thanks again
karen anderson

Subject: Re: I love your service and products!

>>To everyone at Kobashi--
>>Your service and selection are superb! I am new to aromatherapy and found
>>your site last year when I decided to build my essential oil library. I
>>found your products to be excellent! I've placed my second order with your
>>company---your prices and quality cannot be beat!! I've shopped for e.o.'s
>>in my hometown and found the quality lacking and the prices too high. I
>>look forward to expanding my knowledge of oils and their use! Thanks!
>>Toni Loftin
>>Austin, TX

Thank you for notifying me about my order . It is very reassuring when you buy through internet .
I am looking forward to receiving it . I will certainly give you some comments . It is important to rely on serious suppliers when we know that essential oils are such powerful tools , and that some people sell adulterated products , just for easy money . Your web site is truly impressive , and smells the truth . ( Another precious oil ! ) Hope my intuition is safe . I read a few letters from your consumers and I wish I could be one more happy one beyond others .

Best regards,

Subject: order recieved!!

I just wanted to let you know the order from Kobashi was recieved
,with out a flaw,the package was not even opened.I want to say
"THANK YOU" again for being who you are,I think you people are the

Subject: order CD385 JR Kerley customs sending on!

Dear Sharon

May I post this on the net.

Ref: order CD385
JR Kerley

As you see by the reply by :

Gary Van Etten
U.S. Customs Service
Port of Chicago

the problem has been solved.

Please have your brother keep the the customs held back order when it arrives for any trouble that may have been caused.

Mr. Ballard,

The U.S. Customs Laboratory looked at the bottles and said right away that
the products were indeed essential oils.

The Customs chemists said they did not need to perform any analytical test
on the bottles, so a formal laboratory report will not be issued.

So let me apologize on the behalf of the Customs Service. The inspectors
should not have seized the merchandise. The package was sent to our
Foreign Mail Unit today so that it may be routed to the individual who
placed the order.

I will tell our Foreign Mail Unit inspectors not to seize any Kobashi
Essential Oils.

Gary Van Etten
U.S. Customs Service
Port of Chicago

Dear Mr. Gary Van Etten

Thank you very much for your prompt reply. I understand that a customs inspector cannot have a complete knowledge of every product which enters the country. I am glad there is someone doing their best to protect the public.
Best Regards,

Scott Ballard

Dear Kobashi Staff-

You requested feedback following receipt of my first order with you.

I had ordered your beautiful Musk Rose absolute which I find incredibly subtle and unique, and definitely worth ordering again (and again...). A while ago I became intrigued with the very idea of Rosa Moschata as, aside from its atypical (for roses) characteristics, it is not a commonly offered product and I'm very attracted to the uncommon (across the board actually---I'm a visual artist as well as a budding perfumer).

I had previously ordered what was named Musk Rose from a North American source. I was experimenting so it wasn't until after the fact that I became concerned that the product hadn't included a Latin name. It was a pleasant enough product but it had a powerful overtone of amber, and I couldn't get any direct answers when I inquired about its constitution.

Kobashi's approach to LIFE is reflected in your marketing and in your products. I have zero doubts about the authenticity of your Musk Rose. It's plainly a member of the rose family while being profoundly distinct from the more readily available roses I'm acquainted with: damascena and centifolia.

I love the fact that Kobashi is so adamant in its position against animal testing, chemical impurities, etc. This stand is entirely parallel to my own (I'm basically an animal-rights activist [no paint tossing or violence, however! Mainly E-Activism] and I reside with several critters).

I also think that it's very welcoming and generous of you to give your 1st-time customers a full-sized 'gift'. In my case it was a delicious bottle of Citrus Sinensis---Thank You !.

I hope this is the kind of feedback you were looking for.

Until next time,

April D. Yakimovich


Dear Scott, I have purchased aromatherapy from you in the past and I am so pleased with the quality of your products. I have since been spoiled and can turn to only you for quality oils. I respect your company's high Eco-standards and your care and responsibility to our precious earth and its creatures holds it's weight in gold. (or should I say Melissa?) I've just placed my second order with you and I am so excited to receive it!                         Thanks so much,  Theresa DeNicolag

Hi Scott,

I'm really excited ! I got my package this morning. I was hoping to use the return address to send you the holistic magazine I was telling you about. Its very hard to read you return address. Can you write back with the correct address. Its not quite an American address and I wouldnt want to send it to the wrong place. I also wanted you to know that there was no poster in my box. I thought the box was rather small for a laminated poster to be inside. It wasnt in there. Will I be receiving one in a different package?

I love the wooden storage boxes. They are great ! My curiosity has hit the roof. Thanks for shipping so soon. I'll look forward to your reply to get the magazine off to you.

Thank Again!
Elissa Scott

company=Longevity Wellness Center
contact=Heather Sielaff
notes=We are a wellnes center offering acupuncture, massage therapy,and gyrotonic training. We have a retail section selling massage and yoga supplies. We also love Kobashi Essential Oils and use them in our private practices. I found Kobashi while looking for an alternative to Young Living.

Hi there,
I got my oils today, thank you for the free gift one too, and i really appreciate how fast your service is!
I'm going to read the leaflet & order some more off you, very pleased with the oil and the service, thanks.
julie b

My oils have arrived today. They are even better than I thought and have already used the rose otto (my favorite).  Thank you for the orange oil. What a nice surprise! I plan on ordering from you again.



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Rose Repair Serum 30ml

Rose Repair Serum 30ml


Rose Repair SERUM

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Frankincense Replenish Serum 30ml


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Frankincense Replenishing Facial Oil 30ml


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Immortelle Rejuvenating Facial Oil 30ml


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Immortelle Rejuvenating Serum 30ml

Immortelle Rejuvenating Serum 30ml


Kobashi Immortelle Everlasting Youth Serum

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Cananga Oil 5ml


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Massoia Bark Oil wild 5ml


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Luxury mineral Salt Scrub 250g Luscious aroma


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Myrica Wax org. 100g


Myrica Cerifera Fruit Wax solid pellets from Andean farmers, organically sustainable harvesting. Used in Massage Bars, Hair Care products, Candles and in Hair conditioning products it eases tangled hair when combing. Vegan replacement for Beeswax.
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Carnauba wax Copernicia prunifera Organically grown. It has a high melt point, high gloss, and is the hardest of the natural waxes. Carnauba Wax is supplied in flake form for easy use. Can be used in a wide range of Vegan Cosmetic applications.
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