Why Vegan?


They are common sense and I'm sure you know what they are without reading this.

Over 7.4 billion people on Earth.

Over 1 billion people are starving and the number is growing exponentially.

  • Most food goes to inhumanly feed factory farmed animals to inefficiently feed humans.
  • It will be very hard to change?
  • The change to plant based diet % is exponentially growing and it is half measured intent that is slowing it down, not unlike the half measured move into alternative energy.
  • Just as there is big petrol there is big animal agriculture trying to keep hold of the market.
  • I have everything to loose by associating our company with something with smaller numbers than something else, but it is still the right thing to do.
  • The number of Vegans in Britain has grown by 360% in the last 10years!
  • It was estimated one year ago that 5% of Americans are vegetarian half of these are Vegan!
  • Who care?

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Vegan cakes and ice cream taste better, are healthier, are better for the environment and can cost less.

We could feed 80 billion people when all humans are Vegan.

We will have a major impact on global warming when all Go Vegan.

Conspiracy or Cowspiracy.

  • Most food goes to inhumanly feed factory farmed animals to inefficiently feed humans.
  • Being Vegan is the best hope for all humans to have (1: A Better Environment).
  • It also has (2: Moral) and (3: Better Health implications).
  • The conundrum is our genes have been programmed on the road of survival over hundreds of thousands of years.
  • We have allowed the meat and dairy industry to program us with advertising for hundreds of years.
  • For many it will be very difficult to change. Once programmed at these deep levels the organism will do anything to justify the craving. I will say I like it so I want it. It may feel like your way of life is being threatened. Some may even fight to the death to eat what they want. Some will stand by the fridge late at night and devour cheese to get some unknown void pacified . Some will eat bacon and processed meats even knowing it has been proven to increase cancer and cardiovascular disease. Antiquated messages from the supposed experts saying milk is good for you will echo in the subconscious. Milk is one of the worst sources of calcium available, due to fact it can increase the risk of prostate cancer, possibly ovarian cancer. Humans were not designed to suck another animals tit. This is not unlike alcohol or drug addiction.
  • Organization like Greenpeace are made up of meat eaters, vegetarians and Vegans. The meat eaters could be compelled to justify their desires and satisfactions. Their drive has to be veganism and they have to stop worrying about alienating people so they can get donations. I understand what they are up against. What a mess.
  • People like Bill Gates white wash the subject saying eat less meat and more for a vegetable base diet. He knows the human race cannot survive eating more and more meat, as it is a dead end road. He knows people don't really want to face the truth. He still eats meat, even though he is intelligent enough to know it isn't sustainable. This is pragmatically playing the fence. At least he is doing something. He has invested 108 million in beyondmeat.com
  • Those species that don't evolve will become extinct. We no longer have to survive in the wild and eat anything we can find. The majority of people on the planet are not on Naked and Afraid or starving. If we keep acting like we are we will create this reality.
  • 1: The simple fact that animal agriculture is not sustainable and is the number one contributor to global warming should change our minds. If it doesn't change us to a plant based diet one must come to the conclusion that one has become misanthropic, won't stop the addiction or truly believe the illusion.
  • I use to buy into the American Indian belief that as long as I eat an animal with respect it was okay. Part of me still wants to believe this, even though this is not thinking on an evolutionary scale. When I was a child I was told mankind, (not even womankind) had dominion over all of Gods creatures and they are here for me to do what I want with them. I have evolved to know this is utter archaic nonsense.
  • 2: If one can turn their head from the fact that animals are being slaughtered afraid with pain and all one can think of is their own saliva satisfaction, then one must embrace the fact that they are self centred and only care about themselves? I'll let you answer that as I can't pretend to understand the complexities of every humans thoughts, feelings and reasons of motivation and action. It's hard enough for some to just get up in the morning, then to have to think about something more.
  • 3: Addiction to meat and dairy is the antitheses of good health, but that's not what the advertising and advertorials say. 17.3 million deaths a year are due to cardiovascular disease according to the WHO causes of death 2008. Is it some kind of voodoo creating this?
  • Wake up or perhaps meat and dairy are the answer to population reduction?

PS: I don't believe it's a conspiracy.

Why am I bothering? It certainly won't give me any likes, but we all have to live in this world.

I hope I keep caring. I grew up on eating meat and have always loved eating every kind of fish.

It takes most at least three months into being Vegan to stop craving cheese and milk. I will definitely never go back to eating these.

The worlds not going anywhere, but we are.

kind regards,

Scott Ballard

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Really needs to get it's act together if they think when you don't want a bag they donate 1p to the rainforest foundation. A glass of milk cost less than a glass of water. If they served Vegan cakes they'd really be doing something for the rainforest.

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Vegan cakes and ice cream taste better, are healthier, can cost less and are better for the environment.



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