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These Testimonials were written pre 2006. We have become so busy over the years our primary focus is keeping quality products in stock and getting them to you as fast as possible. We do almost no advertising and rarely send an email to customers, unless absolutely necessary.


Regarding Scott,
I got your essential oils made by Kobashi Company!
It was difficult to get them in my small town.
But I struggled with difficulties and succeed in getting your wonderful oils!
I was much impressed by those splendiferous and kind price.
I admire your artisan spirit and hope your development from the bottom of my heart.
I use your oils in order that make my perfume "swallowtail".

best regards
Rika MAMURO, Japan

Roses Damask Aromatherapy Natural Authentic The best Perfection almost.

Thank you for my order. It arrived safely and very quickly. It is so pleasant to deal with a company that ships immediately. I use your oils because Nayana Morag recommended them as something special and I also like them very much. Elizabeth Mahony, Ireland

Roses Damask Aromatherapy Natural Authentic The best Perfection almost.

I love the smell and quality of your oils, including the essential oils and carrier oils. Linda Lui, Taiwan

Roses Damask Aromatherapy Natural Authentic The best Perfection almost.

I have use Kobashi' oil for many years!I really can't find a word to describe how I love Kobashi! It's just fantastic!
Now I an running a SPA! I do need to become to be Kobashi' wholesaler! Thank you ! Chen Jianfen, China

Roses Damask Aromatherapy Natural Authentic The best Perfection almost.

I ordered some oils from you last month.It was my first try to use Kobashi oils.They are really nice .I want to try others!
Kazumi Maejima, Japan

Roses Damask Aromatherapy Natural Authentic The best Perfection almost.

Dear Lynda and Scott,
Wow, what a fast mailing!  Look forward to receiving the parcel and shall definitely let you know how they are later. All the best to Kobashi, my favourite shop online :)
Best regards, Bonnie, Hong Kong

Roses Damask Aromatherapy Natural Authentic The best Perfection almost.

I have received my previous last order , they are extremely good, I like it very much, therefore I buy the oils again . Thank you!

I am interested in being a distributor of your products. What is necessary in order for me to do that?
I have been using Kobashi oils for approximately 2 years now; I love your oils and recommend you to my
other therapist friends. But now my clients are beginning to ask me to get oils for them.
Yours truly in health & wellness-
Sherri DeFord, Therapeutic Touch, USA


Dear Lynda and Scott,

I have just received my third order from you. I am so thrilled with your products! The oils have a "roundness" I haven't found with any other suppliers and even your bottles are nicer than other companies. I ordered several hydrolats this time around, and am thrilled to find that yours actually smell as nice as one would expect. Previously I have found hydrolats to smell slightly (I'm being kind) cabbage-y or catty, and, therefore, hadn't been encouraged to purchase and experiment with them, but your EO quality convinced me to give yours a try and you certainly haven't let me down, indeed you exceeded my expectations by miles, despite the fact that I have already come to expect great things from you! Thank you for the careful packaging and the VERY speedy delivery. Today's package arrived less than 48 hours after I placed the order. Now that's impressive! I look forward to ordering more from you in the future, and in the meantime, have passed your name on to some of my Aromatherapist friends. You are a truly wonderful company. Kind regards,

Karen Quinn UK

Roses Damask Aromatherapy Natural Authentic The best Perfection almost.

Have done business with you before and am impressed with the quality of your product.  Am also happy with your commitment to the enviroment and your animal safety.
Aimee Lafleur, MA., USA

Kobashi oils were the first ones I ever tried - & naively I thought all oils would be of the same quality.  Sadly not & even more sadly I didn't have a note of the "make".  This week I came across your site.  I am now a happy bunny once more!
Jill Loveless, UK

Roses Damask Aromatherapy Natural Authentic The best Perfection almost.

Yes, bingo!! By the way, I have to tell you, your bath base is the best of the best in the world!!  Many customers like it very much!! 

My customers are the kind not willing to pay high cost for products & to be frankly, your bath base not the cheap range in my products; BUT they still keep buying it.  I myself also keep using it.
Best Regards
Mabel, Hong Kong


"Through a friend about 15 years ago; For professional massage treatments and making up lotions." Marianne Gutierrez, UK

"Use in Massage Therapy; have been ordering for years." Colette A. Schauf USA

"I recently heard from a trusted co-worker that your oils are superior in quality to the oils I currently use! Patricia Bruce, USA

"Have used your oils for past 8 years in aromatherapy practice." Bernice Philbrick, UK


Dear Kobashi,
My order arrived today, for which I wanted to thank you.
I continue to follow my passion as a healer, and hopefully with even more integrity, utilizing the Kobashi essential oils to help facilitate each client's journey towards better physical, spiritual and emotional health.
Warm wishes,
Philippa (Martin-Fentress)


Thanks for getting back to me. Yes it is funny that the others don't smell like your Seabuckthorn oil when that is how it smells. Importantly yours has excellent results and the others don't seem to do much. It is terrible that some companies must obviously dilute the oil down. Thanks for all the info and I am very glad to have discovered your oil.

Kind regards,

Kelly, United Kingdom



"My mother, Sandra Whitney uses your product. She is an aromatherapist. Her suggestion due to the frequency of your oils." Sandra Y Daniel, USA

"Good quality+service" Cheng Ming Yee, Hong Kong

"Fabulous products" Clare A. Fellows, UK

"recommended" Dr Carmen Wheatley, Channel Islands

"oils recommended in reading material" Mrs Karen Burns, USA

"Needed oils for her class" Sandra Pillion, USA

"My friend told me." Megumi Asano, Japan

"this is 4th to order." Fanna Chen, Taiwan

"The scent is pleasing" Mari Yasuda, Japan

"I like the product" Lee Wai Sang, Hong Kong

"High quality, effective shipping" Chen, Pingmei, China

"Excellent service and quality of oils." Mrs Kathryn Collyer, UK

"good prices and british company" Emma Dodd, UK

"very good information on products, price" Mrs C MacRae

"use in new massage therapy practice" Kelley Gagnon, USA

"Just starting up own business as a Holistic Therapist" Lisa Jayne Branney, UK

"good feedback about your products" Ana C Ng Feng, USA

"to make handmade cream & handmade soap" Wong Siu Ying

" great quality!" LO KIT LING, Hong Kong

"Present" Mr Mark Brookes, UK

"I am interested in aromatherapy" Ms Lina Lau, HK

"quality of the oils" Julia Lynn Trumpe, USA

"to make products for resale" Lauri Chambers, USA

"replacing supplies" Miss S J Blandin, UK

" small business" Mrs Patricia Porter, UK

"Love the product" Jennifer Newman, UK

"solution for insect bites" Wanda Cheung, Canada

"My teacher told me, it is good produces" Cheng Yin Fan, HK

"I like to use essential oils." Laura C Cantu-Bar, USA


New Products

Rose Repair Serum 30ml

Rose Repair Serum 30ml


Rose Repair SERUM

A beautifying readily absorbed serum, to help repair and soothe, leaving skin soft and moisturised. Nourishing formula to combat signs of ageing.

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Frankincense Replenish Serum 30ml

Frankincense Replenish Serum 30ml


Soothing skin repair serum, for extra hydration leaving skin feeling smoother and revitalized. Frankincense is renowned for it's rejuvenating properties.
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Frankincense Replenishing Facial Oil 30ml

Frankincense Replenishing Facial Oil 30ml


Soothing skin repair blend, leaving skin feeling smoother and revitalized. Frankincense is renowned for it's rejuvenating properties.
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Immortelle Rejuvenating Facial Oil 30ml

Immortelle Rejuvenating Facial Oil 30ml


Kobashi Immortelle Everlasting Youth Facial Oil

Versatile multi use oil, helps regenerate and fight first signs of ageing. Helichrysum is also known as Immortelle as the flower never fades or dies. We call this blend everlasting youth oil.
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Immortelle Rejuvenating Serum 30ml

Immortelle Rejuvenating Serum 30ml


Kobashi Immortelle Everlasting Youth Serum

A light silky readily absorbed serum, helps repair and soothe, leaving skin bright and rejuvenated. Helps boost hydration,firm and combat first signs of ageing.
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Cananga Oil 5ml

Cananga Oil 5ml


Soothing and relaxing, useful during times of tension and stress. Helps to soothe anger and grief. Used in many local skin preparations and ointments. Ideal for dry skin and as a hair rinse and tonic.
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Massoia Bark Oil wild 5ml

Massoia Bark Oil wild 5ml


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Luxury mineral Salt Scrub 250g Luscious aroma

Luxury mineral Salt Scrub 250g Luscious aroma


Mineral rich Dead Sea and Pink Himalayan salts in a nourishing blend of organic coconut and shea oils infused with Rose Geranium,Ylang Ylang and Grapefruit essential oils. Leaves skin refreshed replenished and silky smooth with a delicate tropical aroma.
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Myrica Wax org. 100g


Myrica Cerifera Fruit Wax solid pellets from Andean farmers, organically sustainable harvesting. Used in Massage Bars, Hair Care products, Candles and in Hair conditioning products it eases tangled hair when combing. Vegan replacement for Beeswax.
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Carnauba Wax org. 100g


Carnauba wax Copernicia prunifera Organically grown. It has a high melt point, high gloss, and is the hardest of the natural waxes. Carnauba Wax is supplied in flake form for easy use. Can be used in a wide range of Vegan Cosmetic applications.
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