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Synergies 100%

Synergies, Pure Essential Oils, Bliss Oil, Calm Mind Oil, Festive Oil, Head Lice Repellent Oil, Insect Repellent Oil, Protect Panoply = a protective covering., Relax Sleep Oil, Revitalise Oil, Stress Buster Oil, Study Oil. Blends of Pure Essential Oils (No Carrier included) and must be diluted or used in a vaporiser.

Roll on Synergies

Ready to use with a rollerball applicator. Roller Ball Synergies, Coconut Oil and Pure Essential Oils, Calm mind, Stress Buster. The interaction of two or more agents or forces so that their combined effect is greater than the sum of their individual effects. Roller Ball Relax Sleep ,Roller Ball Passion (better than most expensive perfumes and natural), Roller Ball Insect repellent, Roller Ball First Aid, Roller Ball, Roller Ball Study, Roller Ball Travel and

KOBASHI Aromatherapy |  Synergies

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Really needs to get it's act together if they think when you don't want a bag they donate 1p to the rainforest foundation. A glass of milk cost less than a glass of water. If they served Vegan cakes they'd really be doing something for the rainforest.

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Vegan cakes and ice cream taste better, are healthier, can cost less and are better for the environment.



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