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Massage Oil

KOBASHI Aromatherapy |  Massage Oil

Anti Cellulite Oil

Specifically formulated to help reduce water and fat pockets under skin, in conjuction with vigorous massage, diet and exercise.

Anti Stretch Oil


Designed to be used before, during and after pregnancy to prevent and diminish stretch marks.

With Vitamin rich organic oils to support and nourish stretching skin. Rich in Rosehip seed and Vitamin E oil to protect and to keep skin in healthy condition.

*Keeps skin supple as it stretches
*Softens tissue granulation helping rejuvenation: skin needs plenty of oxygen to repair.

During Lynda Ballard's pregancy with Lily she used Kobashi oils and never experienced any stretch marks.

You don't have to be pregnant to use this. Kobashi Anti-stretch massage oil is formulated to help skin repair and look healthy.

Baby Oil

Specifically formulated to be gentle and soothing for your babies bottom. Good for a relaxing massage. Also use Kobashi Baby Moisturising Lotion. For extra sensitive babies use Kobashi fragrance free Moisturising Lotion or Coconut Oil MCT. Helps prevent nappy rash.

Calm Mind Oil

Specifically formulated to help calm and soothe the mind in troubled and stressful times.

Detox Oil

Specifically formulated to help toxins release from the skin, in conjunction with vigorous massage and afterwards a good warm bath.

Harmony Oil

Specifically formulated to harmonize you with your environment. Great if you have had an argument. breathe deep go ommm :-)

Hormone balancing oil


Formulated to be used before, during and after menopause .

Vitamin rich organic oils to comfort, ease and balance mind, body and spirit during menopause.

This blend of essential oils is an uplifting soft floral aroma that will help to promote a feeling of well being: peace for mind, body and spirit.

Headlice Oil

Specifically formulated to help rid hair of those nasty little creatures.

Muscle Relief Oil

Specifically formulated to soothe aching muscles without over stimulating. Kobashi Muscle Relief Oil is especially good to ease and relax after time in the garden. For a more stimulating muscle massage use Kobashi Sports Massage Oil.

Relaxing Oil

Specifically formulated to help soothe and relax the physical body. Good before going to sleep. Massage body and go to sleep or massage body and rest in a warm bath with Kobashi Relaxing Bath. Add more to the bath to increase effect.

Revitalise Oil

Specifically formulated to help revitalise, uplift and recharge the mind, body and spirit.

Sensual Oil

Specifically formulated to enjoy and experience with the one you love.

Sports Massage Oil

Specifically formulated to soothe and stimulate muscles before and after a work out. Kobashi Sports Massage Oil is also stimulating and good to ease mucles before stretching. For a more relaxing massage on aching muscles use Kobashi Muscle Relief Oil.

KOBASHI Aromatherapy |  Massage Oil

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