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Kobashi solar panels

Something as big as controlling weather will take all on earth working together.

We have to stop blaming. We are the problem and the answer, you and I. We need to sprint. Spiritual love is all that matters.

Turn off the volume, read no futher, the below is of the past.


Our quantum virtualizing helps only when it affects physical reality. It's a matter of time, just as the CO2 we create today has more heat payback at 10years later. I was concerned to meet the 2015 point of no return. It is 2018 and the majority of the world is just waking up.

Kobashi Essential oils has been creating enough greener electricity to power 17 homes with 75kws of PV solar. Well over 386844000 watts since installed. We have done our best to help the environment: hybrid cars, recycling and being Vegan.

Paradox has the aroma of irony. I reserve the right to be optimistic and quite frankly we have to make the best of it.

Yes, all we have done is a drop in the world, but we try on. Sorry, fix global warming? There were too many deniers. Now it's very probable science won't help either. Too little too late. Possibly geoengineer a nano sun shield and install a temperature regulator. Whatever. It took Edison over a thousand failures to make an efficient light bulb. Experimenting with our ionosphere, well if we are going anyway, I guess why not? How will this affect micro-organisms, bees, etc?

Military got value out of HARRP ionisphere superheater project. They want a 100 billion watts system. What a joke all solar panels on Earth created 100,000,000,000 billion watts in 2018.

Perhaps if we burn more coal and diesel to increase global dimming vs reducing Greenhouse gases (animal agriculture) we may be able to hold off the inevitable rising seas and scorched fields of "food", for a while. Problem is coal and diesel also emit greenhouse gases and not sure how much heating by soot on snow. Better invest in fashionable or utilitarian breathing mask filters. Ironic that a nuclear winter or erupting volcanoes can cool us. Why not get 7.4 billion nappy and mask filters for human methane and CO2 bury them in the deserts and ?

Global dimming vs Greenhouse gas

The double edge sword. "Black carbon aerosols, similar to the soot in a chimney, absorb sunlight rather than reflecting it. This warms the layer of the atmosphere carrying the black carbon, but also shades and cools the surface below." NASA

During the ice age, a similar rise in CO2 led to a temperature rise of 6°C. The warming from greenhouse gases has been offset by a strong cooling effect from dimming - in effect two of our pollutants have been cancelling each other out. BBC Horizon

I wrote much of this page pre 2015 and even back before 2000 on other pages, when I thought humans could make a difference. We didn't move fast enough. Reminds me of what David Bowie wrote, " I know when to work and when not to play." Not many included global dimming into the equations. So, I believe we are now in the dammed if you do and damned if you don't period of our existence, moving toward mass extinction. Stop dumping gases that block the sun and we will heat up faster. Water vapour from the melting ice caps is very good at retaining heat. The holy grail solar panels are heat soaking black and burning hydrogen creates water vapour. Wind turbines the best were dissed.

Too much reliance on science and not enough on the great creations we are. Human gadget creation greed is not the total problem,but everything we do adds to the equation. Our lack of speed in dissolving the fine membrane between reality and the virtual will be our demise. Quantum understanding will need more time than we have.

How about an experiment? Everyone creatively see the poles freeze over. Perhaps we are the intent escalators of global warming? I'm not arrogant enough to assume all the elements of the equation.

All I can suggest is enjoy plants while they're here. Praying can give solace. I pray to plants, so I'm happy to be the mad one. I give thanks to the essential oils that have made our lives very good. They may be the last to go as they like heat. Oh well, surprise, the Melissa crop in England failed in summer of 2018. Possibly the second cutting will give yield. Expect prices to rise?

Crop failures 2018

It would be good that you don't believe me, I want to be wrong, just speaking a point of view, an opinion. Hope that gives solace. Either way only doing what good humans do in life /death situation will help.

Just enjoy our lives, while we can. People acted admirably on the Titanic. Is it funny that that's ironic.

Where's the Ice Queen when you need her? Believe in Ice. Make magic. Human's are a miracle. Believe in Aliens helping. You think I'm kidding. Good for you. Don't be blue.

Irony is the taste of paradox. Reduce volume on Ice Queen by 80%.

Greenland is melting

NASA-Latest Arctic Sea Ice Extent 2018

The face of Australia's drought crisis


Drought world 2018

Floods world 2018

2015 2016 2017 2018 Climate Trends Continue to Break Records

Crop failure and bankruptcy threaten farmers as drought grips Europe

Hybrid and pure electric car technology is moving fast and hard, but not fast enough. People who can make a difference like Elon Musk are being pushed to the limit. Too many people do not have his vision and they think too much about money.

We at Kobashi are doing our best to be environmentally responsible. Definately, won't help without everyone do something now!

Issue 1 is the Environment and without it all loose.

Time is racing and I can't keep up with the changes.

Don't watch this video, just listen to it as you watch the Ice Queen video above.

2015: after a year of being pummelled by opponents, Obama's final carbon reduction plan emerged this week with an even stronger push for renewable energy.

2014-18 Trumps mob are doing their best to ruin this, no not just this, everything. Does Trump through Exxon ex-friend Rex Tillerson know it's end of days? Maybe this is why he went insane? Perhaps like the Tobacco industry holding back info on cancer?

Britain has more wind than most and people fight this great power. The wind will inherit the earth, even without us.

True cost of wind turbines.

2018 SUMMIT SUMMIT SUMMIT very slow people of earth.

2015 G7 Summit of leading world powers just committed to getting the global economy off fossil fuels forever.

  • Decarbonise the global economy over the course of the century
  • Sign a binding agreement that has legal force (this is also huge!)
  • Aim for up to 70% carbon emission cuts by 2050 (compared to 2010)
  • Develop a plan to mobilise $100 billion per year in climate finance for developing countries. (another big win!)
  • Provide four times more insurance and protection to 400 million of the poorest and most vulnerable people impacted by climate change.

The present governments should get as many wind turbines up as soon as possible. Onshore wind is the cheapest readily-available form of clean energy in the UK. Get more wind turbines up or the shores will be in breach.

wind energy results 2014

Live life and make heart-filled intelligent decisions. Care to love thyself and others.

President Obama's state of the Union 2015 speech on the environment and climate change

More than 3 trillion cubic feet of methane leaks a year from natural gas and fracking. This negates any effort to slow down our greenhouse emissions.

In 1985 My Grandfather said, "Do you know what is going to take down human kind? and he pointed at the exhaust vent for the toilets on each home and said Methane." It's a prophetic joke that short gap economics are allowed to take us to ruin.

All investment should be spent on research and development into expansion of Solar, Wave, Wind, Hydrogen and battery storage.

Well, I meant well. 2018

MUST READ: UN Sees Irreversible Damage to Climate Caused by Fossil Fuels

Well, I meant wel thenl. now 2018

2014 was UK's hottest year on record, says Met Office

Actually, now the record has been broken again: March 2016 was the hottest month on record, making it the 11th month in a row of global high temperature records. 2015 was not only the warmest year on record, but broke the record

Provisional figures show 2014 was hottest since 1910, and fourth wettest on record

Co2 pre 1958, going back 800,000 years was under 250ppm and it is now at 400ppm. Co2 is directly related to temperature.

As individuals we have opportunities to create energy we didn't have in the past. World consumption is growing exponentially. The world is changing and we need to work together to be kind and respectful. The panicking doesn't help us swim. No matter how big the solution our only choice is to try to fix the best we can.

At this stage in our evolution long term power shortages will have catastrophic results for our civilization. This is nothing compared to the floods and droughts eminently speeding our way, with compliments, fossil fuels.
I will do whatever I can to create energy to feed my home and business, store and supply the grid. Boy scouts motto is be prepared will help for a while. How long will canned food last? Solar panels and wind turbines are very good in conjunction with storage.
2014: What ever we do we must eliminate the use of Coal and all fossil fuels ASAP.2018 Sadder, do that and global warming will actually be faster. Snookered and have to burn coal and diesel and get fashionable breathing mask. Stop the Methane and nitrous oxide!

German Fossil Fuel Giant Jumps on Renewable Bandwagon

by Paul Hockenos, International Correspondent | Dec 3, 2014

Germany's biggest utility E.ON, long a pillar of the country's fossil fuel and nuclear industry, dropped a bombshell on Europe's business world and is moving out of fossil fuels: (old news)

New news:
2018 Is your energy supply vegan? Ecoticity.
2018 Bulb is next best and gives you 50GBP to join through a sponsor who also gets 50GBP.

Time eludes me on this: Please sign Petition to stop Fracking. You don't want to pass bill to drill under England's homes. Still would like to drink clean water on my last days on earth.

By 2050 we will need 90% of our energy from renewable's.
Now we are implementing the most valuable natural resources
England's ships once sailed the 7 Seas; NOW we are harnessing that energy again!

Sloguns or slogans of the past. Wow I love my idealism!

I still care, but once the facts are in capitulation is a peaceful relief.

Click here to Stop-fracking-law

Hot or cold? Hotter! We are in an unprecedented human experiment. Last time global warming and then ice age happened much less CO2 was released than today. Nasa scientist are swearing and many scientist have cried in public, but we are still pumping fossil fuels into the air. We are breathing the toxic by-products of diesel, petrol, coal and gas; natural or not it is killing us.

Ex-Nasa scientist: 30 years on, world is failing 'miserably to address climate change

The last ice age happened in 6 months.

Vehicles are on sale that help reduce fossil fuel consumption. Our Mitsubishi 4wd Outlander phev is plugged into our solar panels and we don't have to use much petrol. We meant well. Still do.

Mitsubishi 4wd Outlander phev is plugged into kobashi solar panels

We've seen higher than 95mpg, which is very good for a 4WD SUV; gets an average of 61mpg. Gets better if it's kept charged and driven in hills and city.

Don't be fooled by cold weather. When creating ice cream the the ice melts making it colder at first and eventually ice cream turns to liquid. Very soon there will be no turning back with present technology. (Ironic that 2018 is now.)

Somerset floods

Somerset Floods Feb 2014 are just the tip of melting icebergs. Please stop for the sake of all. (Fracking = methane x20CO2 and polluted water.) Irony: Animal agriculture is worse than fracking. If Trident missiles are launched it will be the end of civilization. Ironically nuclear winter will stop globalwarming.

We meant well.

Kobashi 10kw solar system generated 10,000 units in one year

Written in 2015: The future is good and an aromatic molecule will help make Solar energy affordable for everyone.

"Graphene https://phys.org/tags/graphene/

God save the Queen. I like the way she keeps her cool.

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Rose Repair Serum 30ml


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Frankincense Replenish Serum 30ml


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Immortelle Rejuvenating Facial Oil 30ml


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Immortelle Rejuvenating Serum 30ml


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Luxury mineral Salt Scrub 250g Luscious aroma


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