There's always been weather
We are weather.
Saying that, there are time frames. Humans tend to pick the time frame that suits them. Yes we are increasing a spike in the time frame. It doesn't mean the next spike down won't get colder.

Weather has it's own balance.
We must deal with our internal and external weather.

The point is we must not fear, as this blurs. We must not panic as this drowns.
We must do what's necessary for well being starting from within.


Kobashi solar panels


We at Kobashi have always done our best to help the environment. I'm sure you're doing your best.

Something as big as controlling weather will take all on earth working together. So earth really is our space ship.

We are part of the problem and the answer. Sometimes we need to sprint.

We must not buy into self loathing.

In the beginning and in the end spiritual love and doing what's necessary is what matters.

Nothing ever gets done by giving up. The human experience is miraculous.

The sun and earth have staring roles. I look forward to standing on earth in the sunshine.

CO2, CH4, Halo-carbons, N2O reduction with clean air and water is needed in conjunction with the dynamics of what works in a holistic system.

I'd look at and in between the arguments with an understanding that weather is not linear, but has linear aspects.

Yes the earth is warming and we are speeding it up. The permafrost is melting faster than any thought it would. IMO common sense says it will be very difficult to stop the domino effect, but it's a great and noble challenge. Many opportunist will use fear to their ends. Fear is only to be used in a very short time from for survival, but it does cause chemicals that reduce optimim function.

Then again the earth has always been changing for better or worse. We are in the 6th mass extinction and the rise of super-intelligent AI. Life has always had it's challenges. We all die so it's important to give thanks and enjoy the life we have.

Trees love CO2. Planting fast growing trees is one of the best ways to take Co2 out of the atmosphere possibly giving us more time, but we must reduce cutting them down. This raises a problem for Agri business. Plant giant redwoods as they grow 10 feet a year. I just bought some and donated to plant 500 trees. If every did this we would slow down the heat and create more oxygen.

No matter what happens find internal peace and happiness. Worrying emotion doesn't do anything but to stress the system. We are all part of the system. Necessary actions as you know will help, as a goal in action mitigates fear.

Focusing on the life force is being aligned to living. How often do we lose perspective? Every time I write a word other than focusing on what's pertinent and necessary I'm in deviation.


Climate activist swims under Antarctic ice.

The world is full of paper shifters burning up the trees.


Adjust the volume. The world has always had it's challenges. Inner peace is the calm in the storm.

As unknown and confusing as this can be, I'm sure when you can, you will take action to continually engineer a necessary environment inside yourself that is conducive to well being. Being joyful gets more done. This will act upon the external environment on it's own time. Time is not linear in a state of presence in a quantum universe. In the consciousness you are in a continual download and upload of necessary information. Get your mind in context and allow intelligence to come through.

I'm sure you are cultivating a peace within right now to share with the world. The truth is we must find peace and tranquillity in ourselves, by accepting we and everything is a dance in and out of balance. Outside forms have always been a challenge. The world is as it is, transform within and shine like the sun. Identifying with the universe at large and facing any storm on necessary time and terms is action needed.

Controlling weather will only be done by AI is another story, but we are doing our part in presence. We create AI in our image of sorts then it quantum leaps beyond our comprehension.

Kobashi Essential oils has been creating enough greener electricity to power 17 homes with 75kws of PV solar. Since recorded (first year and another 4kw system not included) March 15th 2021 = 565033 kwh. This will run a 40 watt light bulb for 1,548 years

With the best of intentions, we have done our best to help the environment: hybrid cars, recycling. Being Vegan is probably the best thing we have done.

With more information our solar and hybrid car effort could be misdirected, but it was the best we could do at the time.

We reserve the right to be optimistic and quite frankly we have to make the best of it.

Anyway, only doing what good humans do in life /death situation will help.

Enjoy life while we can. People acted admirably on the Titanic? Only matters what we do in the moment. Acting honourable is a more peaceful way.

Yes it may get worse, but no worries, as they will only stress you and then you'll be no help to self or kin.


Our Mitsubishi 4wd Outlander phev is plugged into our solar panels and we don't have to use much petrol. We meant well. Still do.

Mitsubishi 4wd Outlander phev is plugged into kobashi solar panels

We've seen higher than 95mpg, which is very good for a 4WD SUV; gets an average of 61mpg. Gets better if it's kept charged. Still we could do better getting a cybertruck?

We meant well, 2011 Prius and solar, but we didn't think deep enough? We mean well. Truth. Reality. Plant fast growing trees.

kobashi chamomile solar

Just focus on internal peace and happiness and accept the world has weather we have to deal with.


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