KOBASHI STARTER KIT Chest-Bamboo x 5 slots

Collection of the most versatile and most widely used essential oils. The oils selected cover a wide spectrum of use and the kit includes every thing needed for the beginner to start exploring the wonderful world of Aromatherapy!

Contents; pure essential oils of Lavender 10 ml, Tea Tree 10 ml, Orange 5 ml, Eucalyptus 5 ml, Rosemary 5 ml, Geranium rose type 5 ml, Ylang Ylang 5 ml and Body oil 100 ml and mixing kit.

Supplied with a sustainable Chest-Bamboo x 5 slots. Box may have slight imperfections, thus the low cost. This kit would make an ideal gift.

ELAV010, ETEA010, EORA005, EEUC005