LATIN NAME: Salvia officinalis.
SOURCE: Steamed distilled from the flowering herb.
COLOUR: Pale amber yellow
ORIGIN: England
AROMA: warm, fresh, sweet and herby piercing and slightly spicy characteristic of the fresh herb.

QUALITIES: considered a sacred herb, the name salvis is derived from the word salvation. Sage has long been used medicinally.

It is burnt in temples and religious ceremonies for its clearing properties. Used by American Indians in smudge sticks. Sage was one of the herbs used by village wise women (many of whom were burnt at the stake as witches) to help with child birth and to induce menstruation when it was late or scanty and to help with the menopause. Sage is used in many pharmaceutical preparations including mouth washes and gargles. Thought to strengthen and improve memory. We recommend diluting to less than 1%.

Blends well with Rosemary, Lavender, Holeaf, Hyssop, and The Citrus oils.

A member of the Lamiaceae family, it is an evergreen bushy shrub growing up to eighty centimetres in height, with hairy, silvery green oval shaped leaves and woody stem. Small blue to mauve flowers appear in spring and summer. Native to the Mediterranean region, cultivated world wide.

No pesticides or herbicides found @ ppm.

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