LATIN NAME: Cocos nucifera
SOURCE: Coconut pod (fractionated)
COLOUR: clear
ORIGIN: Sri Lanka
AROMA: Aromaless

QUALITIES: fractionated, refined coconut oil (MCT) is free from impurities, more readily assimilated by the skin and has good keeping qualities.

Coconut oil consists mainly of very fluid saturated fatty acids, which are close to human sub-cutaneous fat, and is therefore more compatible with skin than most vegetable oils.

An excellent moisturising and protective oil. It helps to keep the skin soft and supple without being sticky. It is ideal for treating sensitive and damaged skin. Can be blended with other vegetable oils.

Main areas of production of coconut are Ghana, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Cameroon and Brazil.

What is Fractionated Coconut? MCT

Medium chain triglycerides

MCT is called Fractionated Coconut Oil in the British Pharmacopoeia, and fractionated coconut oil is a commonly used designation for MCT. We use the designation MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides).

Advantages of Fractionated Coconut Oil:

* mobile to very low temperatures.
* is colorless and odorless
* virtually an infinite shelf life.
* consists completely of saturated fatty acid side chains, thus more like human fat.
* absorbs more readily into the skin, making it ideal for Aromatherapy massages.
* washes out of your massage sheets and clothing very easily.
* use in pump spray with ease.
* handy for massage therapists as they can spray their massage blends straight onto the customer.
* leaves your skin feeling silky smooth without being greasy.
* completely soluble with all essential oils and compatible with soaps.

* ideal product for natural perfumers who don't want to use alcohol as a carrier.

The MCTs obtained from fractionation consist of predominantly C-8 fatty acid chains (8 carbon units long), with lesser amounts of C-10, and trace amounts of C6:0 and C12:0

Caprylic 51.63% Octanoic acid CH3(CH2)6COOH C8:0 melting point 16-17C
Capric 48.23% Decanoic acid CH3(CH2)8COOH C10:0 melting point 31C

Lauric 0.14% Dodecanoic acid CH3(CH2)10COOH C12:0 melting point 44-46C

Caproic 0% Hexanoic acid CH3(CH2)4COOH C6:0 melting point 3C





All oils should be kept out of eyes. Do not put on top eye lid as this may run into eyes. You should be able to use at 100% unless you are sensitive on ther parts of the body.

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