We are breathing 100's of chemicals everyday.

Organically grown is a great choice and in truth there is reality.

All this food for thought is to question and take balanced action.

Study on neonicotinoid pesticides

53 scientists clearly concluded that neonicotinoid pesticides are highly toxic to bees,
other pollinating insects, birds, aquatic fauna, mammals and perhaps even humans.



Kobashi Organically grown Chamomile blue only created 52ml per 1ton of plant material.
This oil should be treated like gold dust. From seeding, topping, collecting and distilling it cost more than
you will be charged for it. I guess you call this a labour of love. Picture taken of Scott Ballard, age 57, June 26th 2014

kobashi Lynda weeding chamomile

Weeding Kobashi Blue Chamomile by hand.
Lynda and Scott like to do the weeding,
as it is great exercise.

Weeding by hand for 4 hours straight
develops, strengthens and tones all your muscles!

Year 2013, age 56 years old and we feel like we are 30!

Wear good gloves to remove thistles and nettles.

Kobashi Lynda weeding Peppermint

Weeding Kobashi Peppermint
by hand is very good exercise!

Even though Lynda likes weeding
Scott helps when he's not filming.


Kobashi Organically grown Lavender

We are appalled: Why Is Glyphosate Sprayed on Crops Right Before Harvest?

Bee on flower image

Dear friends,

We all have had a great victory for the bees! 2,637,296 have signed the petition.

April 29th 2013 Europe banned neonicotinoids pesticides.

(This may be a hollow victory because Bayer is still fighting to use these bee navigation killers. Without bees the GM croppers will rule the food market!)

EU scientists said neonicotinoids posed an acute risk to honeybees.

Bees are dying off worldwide and our entire food chain is in peril. Scientists blame toxic pesticides and four European governments have already banned them. If we get the US and the EU to join the ban, other governments across the world could follow, and save bees from extinction.

Silently, billions of bees are dying off and our entire food chain is in danger. Bees don't just make honey, they are a giant, humble workforce, pollinating 90% of the plants we grow.

Multiple scientific studies blame one group of toxic pesticides for their rapid demise, and bee populations have soared in four European countries that have banned these chemicals. But powerful chemical companies are lobbying hard to keep selling this poison. Our best chance to save bees now is to push the US and EU to join the ban -- their action is critical and will have a ripple effect on the rest of the world.


Bee decline could be down to chemical cocktail interfering with brains

Bee briefing

$15 Billion Bee Murder Mystery Deepens

“Nicotine Bees" Population Restored With Neonicotinoids Ban

EPA memo reveals concern that pesticide causes bee deaths

Beekeepers want government to pull pesticide

Bees in free-fall as study shows sharp US decline

Pesticide industry involvement in EU risk assessment puts survival of bees at stake

Vanishing of Bees provide details on the EPA leaked documents


We favour organically grown and purchase the best we can find.

With over 30 years of experience on the subject of sourcing oils, the priority, whether conventional or organically grown, must be thoroughly testing the end product.

We guarantee all Kobashi's products are of the finest quality. We have tamper sealed our essential oils, so anyone can bring them to a laboratory sealed and prove that we are selling true, original, real, pure oils as from nature (not synthetic or nature identical).

We are against the use of harmful herbicides, pesticides and fungicides and will continue to oppose their use whenever possible. I never thought I'd say this: We do not believe it is never possible to use them when commercially farming and believe one should farm before making such fundamentalist statements. I was once a fanatic for organic and still advocate it, but believe fundamentalism is not truth. An evolving hybrid system can be less intensive and more environmental and hopefully perfect someday.

Hopefully nobody uses herbicides, fungicides or pesticides if they don't have to. They can be found in organically certified oil due to drifting from other fields. We are breathing 100's possible 1000's of toxic chemicals everyday. Humans are very resilient, but it doesn't mean we should use harmful chemicals.

Herbicides, fungicides or pesticides are not usually found in distilled essential oils. They usually used at low levels and broken down before distillation. They can be found at PPB and PPT in most foods and oils, even when they are "certified organic".

I believe before we can truly say we are totally organic we must use an alternative to diesel fuel for our tractors. Unleaded fuels are better but not by much. Unleaded gasoline has at least 15 hazardous chemicals occurring in various amounts.

The point I am trying to make with diesel is all vehicles that use petroleum produce around 40 toxins that we all breath on a daily basis. Organic farming on a commercial level tends to till the soil more and more diesel and labour is usually used. Crop rotation and keeping a full crop growing is paramount.

Many people don't understand what in conversion for organic means. Many fields in conversion have grass and buttercups growing on them. It is impossible to get rid of grass and buttercups without heavy straying of herbicides. I personally would rather eat food from conventional grown than a field nuked with herbicides called in conversion. Then again a farm that has been growing organically for 2 years past the conversion, without cheating, may be better than conventionally grown. This is difficult to prove scientifically, due to seed stock, soil structure, environmental changes and the physiology of the consumer.

Plants are individuals with different needs. There is a different fix to growing different crops.

Intensive tilling of the soil, due to tractor diesel use may be more detrimental to the environment than using Glyphosate? Glyphosate isn't much better and like fossil fuels has been linked to cancer.

Diesel creates 40 toxins! When a farmer wants to be organic weeds such as Hemlock (poisonous, one plant creates hundreds more), Butter cups (poisonous, pretty to look at and a nightmare for farmers.), Ragwort (poisonous to horses) Thistles, Docks (deep roots and if you break off the seeding top the root grows stronger.), Couch grass and Nettles can take over and destroy any hopes of growing anything else. Yes a nettle can be a beneficial plant on it's own, but not mixed with any crop grown on a commercial level. The organic farmer is left with having to till the soil for a year or until the weeds are controlled, using 100's of gallons of Diesel. They also have to employ many human hours increasing their cost. Organic farming can not get rid of many weeds, such a couch grass very easily, so they are left with using a herbicide? In the three year conversion to going organic farmers don't have much choice but to use a herbicide.

A possibly more environmental herbicide would be:

  • 2000 mls of vinegar
  • 250 mls orange oil
  • 100 grams salt
  • 60 mls soap


It takes less salt or vinegar to kill rats than glyphosate. Humans aren't rats. Life, chemicals are all about dose and balance. Vinegar has many health benefits and the brain will not function properly without salt.

The brain is composed of 60% fat and there are people trying to cut fats out of their diet. The majority of fats can negatively effect the cardiovascular system. Certain saturated fats from dairy and meat are possibly increasing the risk of dementia and Alzheimer's. Studies of Aspartame show it kills brain cells and it's similar to monosodium glutamate. The brain gets it's energy from oxygen, glucose, ketones and medium chain fatty acids like in Kobashi Coconut mct oil). Doesn't mean you drink oils. It is better to get them with all the other aspects of the plant they are in. Eat whole foods.


Think of how many people there are on the earth. Now think of how you are going to produce food for everyone.

Most Humans are so far removed from the food and plants that grow and feed them that they couldn't know the reality of farming. Truth is governments and we the people are pushing ourselves into a computer world for jobs and soon the chips will be willingly implanted.. The truth and reality is humans cannot live without food, clothing and shelter; everything else is a want, not a need, well with maybe the exception of love. Are the majority sitting in front of their entertainment devices eating commodities while the number of growers are out weighted? Are we expecting perfection of supply and demand without living reality and experiencing it? I can't expect someone to have to understand farming by reading it. I thought i understood it before doing it. I thought farmers were simple people and it was an easy job. I now believe we should be bowing and praying to farmers and giving respect to creation for the plants that feed us.

People want to think of Organically grown as a panacea of perfection, but everything in life has it's trade off. Everyone that cares is doing their best and holding space for perfection, but first we have to deal with the here and now reality. Until everyone produces energy without fossil fuels, change to electric or hydrogen and stops the drift, I don't think we can call it 100% organically grown.

What is diesel exhaust?

Kobashi Organic Lavender

Kobashi's organic Lavender grown in Devon. (Notice the weeds in this picture and the picture with the Lavender and hills at the top.) Organically grown will always have some weeds, unless you cultivate continuously; keeping them out of the distillation will provide a better oil.

We created some of the best organic Lavender that we have ever experienced. The problem was that we couldn't create enough for the demand. The solution is that we have purchased an organic farm to grow more.

Both the Lavenders we presently have in stock are excellent and we wouldn't have them if they weren't.

Kobashi's' favoured method of growing is organic permaculture. Not always practical on a commercial level, as this is one of the hardest possible ways to grow due to weeds and difficulty to harvest. We grow Calendula, St. John's Wort, Rosemary and Lavender near each other bordered by natural grasses and a multitude of hedgerow plants. We added test crops in 2011 of Arnica, Catnip, Echinacea, Marjoram, Oregano and Thyme.

We care about the environment and the products we offer to you. Since we purchase our products from farmers like us, to the best of our knowledge our products are fairly traded.

Best regards,

Lynda and Scott Ballard

PS: Due to finding pesticides on the north and south poles no on can guarantee 100%. For many truth sometimes is hard to write and take in. If we could heal the world we would; everyone must heal their world on all levels of spirit, mind, emotions, body and environment, if we are not already doing so. :-)


Click here: Know your environment by

At what level are pesticides in the air we are breathing?


Organic Lavender and St john's Wort Oil

New Products

Rose Repair Serum 30ml

Rose Repair Serum 30ml


Rose Repair SERUM

A beautifying readily absorbed serum, to help repair and soothe, leaving skin soft and moisturised. Nourishing formula to combat signs of ageing.

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Frankincense Replenish Serum 30ml

Frankincense Replenish Serum 30ml


Soothing skin repair serum, for extra hydration leaving skin feeling smoother and revitalized. Frankincense is renowned for it's rejuvenating properties.
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Frankincense Replenishing Facial Oil 30ml

Frankincense Replenishing Facial Oil 30ml


Soothing skin repair blend, leaving skin feeling smoother and revitalized. Frankincense is renowned for it's rejuvenating properties.
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Immortelle Rejuvenating Facial Oil 30ml

Immortelle Rejuvenating Facial Oil 30ml


Kobashi Immortelle Everlasting Youth Facial Oil

Versatile multi use oil, helps regenerate and fight first signs of ageing. Helichrysum is also known as Immortelle as the flower never fades or dies. We call this blend everlasting youth oil.
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Immortelle Rejuvenating Serum 30ml

Immortelle Rejuvenating Serum 30ml


Kobashi Immortelle Everlasting Youth Serum

A light silky readily absorbed serum, helps repair and soothe, leaving skin bright and rejuvenated. Helps boost hydration,firm and combat first signs of ageing.
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Cananga Oil 5ml

Cananga Oil 5ml


Soothing and relaxing, useful during times of tension and stress. Helps to soothe anger and grief. Used in many local skin preparations and ointments. Ideal for dry skin and as a hair rinse and tonic.
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Massoia Bark Oil wild 5ml

Massoia Bark Oil wild 5ml


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Luxury mineral Salt Scrub 250g Luscious aroma

Luxury mineral Salt Scrub 250g Luscious aroma


Mineral rich Dead Sea and Pink Himalayan salts in a nourishing blend of organic coconut and shea oils infused with Rose Geranium,Ylang Ylang and Grapefruit essential oils. Leaves skin refreshed replenished and silky smooth with a delicate tropical aroma.
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Myrica Wax org. 100g


Myrica Cerifera Fruit Wax solid pellets from Andean farmers, organically sustainable harvesting. Used in Massage Bars, Hair Care products, Candles and in Hair conditioning products it eases tangled hair when combing. Vegan replacement for Beeswax.
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Carnauba Wax org. 100g


Carnauba wax Copernicia prunifera Organically grown. It has a high melt point, high gloss, and is the hardest of the natural waxes. Carnauba Wax is supplied in flake form for easy use. Can be used in a wide range of Vegan Cosmetic applications.
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