Troubleshooting: Delete Cookies and temporary files and restart browser and or computer/mobile phone.

If using Apple's Safari browser and you have a problem please install Firefox or Chrome.

Google Chrome browser Data Saver doesn't work with SSL logins yet.

Go into settings and make sure it is not on.

iPhone or iPad or Android many times has changed the first letter to a CAPITAL. User names and passwords are cAsE sEnSiTiVe.

iPhone or iPad or Android.

To manage general content settings for websites in Chrome, follow these steps:

1.Open the Chrome menu. (3 dots or lines top right)
2. Open Settings
3. Open Data Saver and make sure that it is turned off.

It says it won't effect SSL, but it does! Data Saver extension won't work with web pages encrypted via SSL and can mess up Web pages.

If you have good WiFi connection there's no point to install the Data Saver extension. It will not improve anything. You may find the web pages have missing images or that other features don't work

If it has been a while since you ordered you may need to delete/clear your cookies and temporary files in Settings/Privacy at the bottom click on CLEAR BROWSING HISTORY. Close and restart browser.

You may have to try login twice if cookie error.

In Internet Explorer you can try clearing cache (Ctrl and F5) and Turn on compatibility mode (click little cracked page right of url field.)

After logging in:

1.) add to the Basket all of your products
2.) save your list before checking out

If you have problem with shopping:

1.) clear old browser cookies
2.)restart your Browser:
a.)IE Internet Explorer: (Tools/Internet options/General:Browsing history/settings/view files/type in search box kobashi/select all then delete.
b.)Chrome: top right three bars/Settings/Content settings/all cookies and site data/search cookies:kobashi and delete all
c.)Firefox: do yourself a favour and install Cookie Monster addon or go to options/privacy show cookies and exception will allow you to control your cookies.

If that doesn't work manage exceptions and type allow.

* If you already have an account: You must use it to receive your discounts. If you create a new account with a different email address you will not receive any discounts.

If you forgot your password put your email address (one you signed up with) in the Username field and click (Forgot Password.) You will be sent an email. Follow the link in the email and change your password. You will now be able to login.

If you have an account and want to change your email address: Login with your old email address. Add new address to your account when Checking out. Please tell us you want email changed in the User defined field. We will change your email address after we receive your order.