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Kobashi Roman &
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New Products

Anti Stretch Oil 100ml

Anti Stretch Oil 100ml

11.69 ($16.83)

Keeps skin supple as it stretches. Vitamin rich organic oils to support and nourish skin before, during and after pregnancy. A relaxing and mood enhancing oil. May also be used as a bath oil, leaving the skin silky smooth and moisturized.
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Chamomile Blue English Oil 2.5ml

Chamomile Blue English Oil 2.5ml

12.22 ($17.59)

Also Known as Camomile German Blue. Nice sweet floral aroma, Dark blue Contains 4.2% Chamazulene known to have anti- inflammatory properties. Add to massage oil for an effective muscle rub. Often used as an ingredient in skin care preparations
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Hempseed Oil 50ml

Hempseed Oil 50ml

3.59 ($5.17)

Cannibis Sativa, The seeds are Expeller cold pressed without the use of chemicals, thus preserving the natural antioxidants in the oil. A rich oil which can be added to basic carrier oils such as Almond or Flax.
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