KOBASHI Aromatherapy Essential Oil Starter Kit for Dogs

EBER005 Bergamot Oil CP 5ml
ECARR005 Carrot Seed Oil 5ml
ECED005 Cedarwood Atlas Oil Org. 5ml
EFRA005 Frankincense Oil Org. 5ml (carterii)
ELAV005 Lavender Oil Org 5ml
ELEG005 Lemongrass Oil 5ml
ECHAR002 1 Chamomile Roman Oil 2.5ml
ESPE005 1 Spearmint Oil 5ml
EYAR002 Yarrow Oil 2.5ml
EVET005 1 Vetivert Oil Org. 5ml
HMEL1 1 Hydrolat Melissa 100ml
HNER1 1 Hydrolat Neroli 100ml
HWIT1 1 Hydrolat Witch Hazel 100ML
CSUN1 1 Sunflower Oil Org. 100ml
CCAL1 1 Calendula Oil Org. 100ml
CHEM1 1 Hempseed Oil Organic 100ml

Nayana Morag asked Kobashi to put together this kit for her.

Nayana Morag, the founder of Essential Animals, is a qualified Animal (and human) Aromatherapist and author of Essential Oils for Animals: Your complete guide to using aromatherapy for natural animal care and management. She has a passion for helping humans and other animals understand each other better, so they can live in harmony and health. Nayana is the main teacher on the Animal PsychAromatica courses, and monitors the forums. She lives in Portugal with a herd of horses and various other animals, who give her plenty of opportunity to witness the healing powers of essential oils.

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