Why Vegan?


Most know without reading this.

Reducing Suffering

Reducing globalwarming

Reducing starvation

Reducing disease


Over 7.4 billion people on Earth.

Over 1 billion people are starving and the number is growing exponentially.

  • Most crops end up feeding inhumanely factory farmed animals, to inefficiently feed humans.
  • The change to a plant based diet is exponentially growing, despite half measured intent that is slowing it down, not unlike the half measured move into alternative energy.
  • Just as there is big petrol there is big animal agriculture trying to keep hold of the market.
  • Inspite of this, the number of Vegans in Britain has grown by 360% in the last 10years!
  • It was estimated one year ago that 5% of Americans are vegetarian half of these are Vegan!
  • Kobashi cares and we believe you do too.

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Vegan cakes and ice cream taste better, are healthier, are better for the environment and can cost less.

We could feed 80 billion people when all humans are Vegan.

We will have a major impact on health issues, reducing suffering and global warming when all Go Vegan.

Conspiracy or Cowspiracy.

How not to die by Michael Greger, MD

The China Study extended version, T. Colin Campbell, PhD

100 years old Ellsworth Wareham (heart surgeon)


A few of the organizations we support:
NSPCC helps children
Greenpeace Research Laboratories
Buy with confidence BWC DCC TS Trading standards Approved
Save the children
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Kobashi ATC logo
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plan international

The Royal Horticultural Society

To help save the rainforest remove dairy and meat from the menu.


Kobashi Essential Oils and Aromatherapy Products are completely dedicated to providing the best natural products available. We are committed to your complete satisfaction.

All Kobashi products are suitable for Vegans.

We have always been strictly against animal testing.
"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated." Mahatma Gandhi

Vegan cakes and ice cream taste better, are healthier, can cost less and are better for the environment.



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