Direct Experience is better than a suppliers words.


It has taken essential oils billions of years to evolve from the simple gases of hydrogen and helium to the complex structures they are today. Today an essential oil can have hundreds of chemical components. We and essential oils have evolved together over the billions of years. We have a certain affinity with each other.

Knowing how we really feel before coming in contact with an essential oil gives us a more objective knowledge of an oil.

When reading and practicing this technique be aware that your individual moment to moment reality is different to mine. What I am saying in this article is my truthful, moment to moment, stream of consciousness. I could be more general from a depersonalised point of view, you may not be able to relate to what I am saying, but this is not so important. What is important is knowing how you feel moment to moment.

The final outcome of this exercise is the growing ability to recognise and remember the tonal-aroma depth and your psycho-physio response to an oil.

Step one do a personal inventory.

Ask yourself how you feel. Verbally say through a stream of consciousness anything you are feeling. Verbalising helps stop the exercise from becoming cerebral. To get to ones instincts one must not just intellectualise; one must incorporate ones feelings, no matter what they are, even if it means to stop reading this because your bored. Example: (My stream of consciousness): "I want you to understand how to do this exercise, my neck and shoulders are a little stiff, I'm thinking of the next thing to type (say), I winked my right eye, I'm wondering if I'm communicating this clearly, my hands are warm, my back is a little stiff."

Step two get relaxed.

Relaxation helps us to become more sensitive (vulnerable). Exercises to help relax are: a.) deep breathing b.) letting your body hang and drop with gravity c.) do self massage d.) tense your body and relax it. e.) do whatever you do to relax. Ask yourself how you feel. Verbally say through a stream of consciousness anything you feel; such as, (My stream of consciousness): "I feel a little more relaxed, I hear the computer fan, I feel warm, my sense of hearing has become more sensitive, the touch of the keyboard feels like silky plastic with a sense of life from all the days spent communicating through it. I feel calm, I'm not angry, I remember being angry yesterday, I'm a little tired, I feel positive about my future.

Ask many questions.

Once you Know exactly how you feel you then pick up a bottle of Kobashi Essential Oil.

I say Kobashi because I can guarantee what's in Kobashi's oils, but I can not guarantee what's in other brands.

You are now ready to explore an essential oil.

Pick up the bottle and feel it's weight, grasp it and hold it tight, roll it gently in your hand. The more specific you are the more your instincts will communicate with the oil. Keep the stream of consciousness going, (My stream of consciousness) "I have a itch in my nose, I remember it starting when I was sitting in the back of the theatre. I'm back from the memory, trying to get back to you, hold on, I really feel this is important and I believe you will understand." Before opening the bottle are there any odours in the room, explore those odours for a moment and isolate what they are. Move to a room where there are minimal odours and which has an ambient temperature and humidity. Unscrew the lid, feel it's texture between your fingers. Did you smell the oil before the oil was open. At first don't try to name the particular aroma, just use your nose as when looking at colours, don't name the colours, just see them with your eyes.

Keep your personal inventory going:

(My stream of consciousness) "the vapours went up my right nostril more than my left, I've noticed my left nostril is congested, the oil has a cooling effect, I like the aroma, it's a aroma I want to go back to and smell again. There is no decrease in the left nostrils congestion. I feel a little more alert. I'm picking the bottle up, it felt cool against my warm hands. I've noticed my eyes feel lighter. I'm beginning to feel happier. I'm questioning whether the happiness is from the oil-stimulus or my ego being stimulated by this teaching. I took two more deeper breaths of the oil. I feel like sitting back and watching this event unfold, I'm back to typing, the oil smells herbaceous, camphorous, sweet with a prominent eucalyptal note, it feels clean, refreshing and grounding."

This oil did have a stimulating and refreshing effect on me; the journey goes on.

As you see, the exploration can lead you in many directions.

It is seeing with all your senses and being truthful about your moment to moment responses which brings you to the truth. If you don't start off with knowing your here and now (being state) you will have a hard time discerning the objective - subjective stimulus response in relationship to the oil.
Next steps involve testing strips and then vapourization of the oil.
Watch out for more info on this technique at the Kobashi website.

Best regards, Scott Ballard

The past and the future are of the mind; the Moment: Being / Awareness is most important.

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