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Kobashi has been shipping worldwide since 1985.

We use Ecoflow Biodegradable Starch Loosefill

Kobashi uses Ecoflow Biodegradable Loosefill

For shipping charge: The best thing to do is place in cart, select checkout place your country in field, go back and edit basket and you will see your freight charge. You can always place in cart click edit basket and save present order. Then you can checkout and see different shipping option.

Pick these shipping options on checkout under Shipping.

Airmail Signed or tracked is the best service for under 2kg for all countries, including China.

Choose airmail signed or Tracked, Global Euro Priority, Fedex or PostNL, if available for your country.

Customers in China are finding Airmail signed to be faster than using PostNL or Toexpress. Best if in China to choose Airmail signed or Global Priority.

(China PostNL or Toexpress 7 to 15 days.

It would be best to choose Fedex if you want directly to HK or Malaysia address.

You will find Fedex (HK, Malaysia only, as we find due to not having their own brokers most customers have a hard time with Fedex.) or Global priority much faster than airmail. If you parcel weight is more than 2kg it will have to go by Global priority.

If you have chosen "Up to 500kg pallet insured to Hong Kong or Shanghai port (35 days) for 250GBP. and you would have to arrange pickup with the port."This service is only to HK or Shanghai port and you would have to arrange pickup with the port, broker authorities.

:-) People have a problem getting in the car, paying for petrol (gas) and wear and tear on their cars, plus the time it takes out of ones life. Many customers are grateful paying for a service that is much taken for granted. It is obvious to us it's more environmental and cost effective to fill up a Lorry (Truck) or plane, than everyone getting in there cars and taking plane rides to locate, purchase and bring back products. :-) Yes, it would be better for the environment if we all walk to a product and walk it back home, but this would mean we would have to do without most products and the world of humans would change.

To check price: You can always place in cart click edit basket and save present order. Then you can checkout and see different shipping options after you add your address. You will find airmail tracked, Fedex or Global priority faster than airmail.

  • Under < 2kg (4.40925 lbs) in weight Tracked or signed (if available is best option for all countries).
  • Over >2kgs Fedex(HK, Malaysia only), Euro, Global Priority, PostNL or Toexpress
  • 1st Class mail is our cost-effective solution to delivery the next "working" day and Saturday; UK only; compensation up to 50GBP.
  • Airmail for rest of world, Europe Royalmail: usually takes three or more days to reach Western Europe, five days to Eastern Europe and seven days to the rest of the world (99%). A few have taken around month (0.5 %). If you want a faster service choose fast secure Tracked, faster secure: Euro Priority and Global Priority.
  • All of the below have Proof of posting, Signature on delivery, Online confirmation of delivery.
  • Recorded: Compensation up to 50GBP
  • Tracked Europe + Russia: fast secure: 2 to 6 working days, tracked to your door; compensation up to 50GBP.
  • Express 24 next "working" day; UK only; Compensation up to 100GBP
  • Express 48 two "working" days; UK only; Compensation up to 100GBP
  • Euro Priority and Global Priority 3 "working" days to Europe and major destinations worldwide. Compensation up to 100GBP. If you want more compensation please ask, but higher invoice amount means higher custom charges.
  • Up to 500kg pallet insured to Hong Kong port (35 days) for 250GBP.
  • Very few parcels have gone missing since 1985, but if you want insurance please choose tracking and ask for compensation to value needed. Please note higher values on parcels may incur your country duty charges.

Please note days to delivery are the average.

Standard First class Royalmail usually is 2 to 7days, can take 2 to 28 days. Longer once or twice in 30 years, depending on your country and customs.

If you are out when they try to deliver? You will then need to speak to your local post office.It may be will a neighbour. The parcel has white tape with and address Higher Cotley Barn in Red. If you didn't choose tracking, in the future if you want tracking please choose tracking or Global priority, Euro Priority, Fedex or PostNL, if available for your country.

In the future you may login to your account and click on Myaccount and see if your parcel has been shipped. This isn't always updated immediately when busy. If you choose tracked services the tracking number will be there and also sent to you in an email.

A few of the organizations we support:
NSPCC helps children
Greenpeace Research Laboratories
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Save the children
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The Royal Horticultural Society

To help save the rainforest remove dairy and meat from the menu.


Kobashi Essential Oils and Aromatherapy Products are completely dedicated to providing the best natural products available. We are committed to your complete satisfaction.

All Kobashi products are suitable for Vegans.

We have always been strictly against animal testing.
"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated." Mahatma Gandhi

Vegan cakes and ice cream taste better, are healthier, can cost less and are better for the environment.



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