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Kobashi Essential oils is creating enough electricity to power 17 homes with 75kws of PV solar.

2016 Climate Trends Continue to Break Records

Hybrid and pure electric car technology is moving fast and hard.

We are doing our best to be environmentally responsible.

Kobashi solar panels

Issue 1 is the Environment and without it all loose. All of us are the wave of hope.

Renewable Energy Gains Greater Opportunity in US Clean Power Plan
Elisa Wood August 4, 2015

After a year of being pummeled by opponents, Obama's final carbon reduction plan emerged this week with an even stronger push for renewable energy. Wind and solar energy are centerpieces of the Clean Power Plan, the United States' first ever rule to reduce carbon dioxide from power plants. Full Article

True cost of wind turbines.

2015 G7 Summit of leading world powers just committed to getting the global economy off fossil fuels forever.

  • Decarbonise the global economy over the course of the century
  • Sign a binding agreement that has legal force (this is also huge!)
  • Aim for up to 70% carbon emission cuts by 2050 (compared to 2010)
  • Develop a plan to mobilise $100 billion per year in climate finance for developing countries. (another big win!)
  • Provide four times more insurance and protection to 400 million of the poorest and most vulnerable people impacted by climate change.

The present governments should get as many wind turbines up as soon as possible.

BBC Analysis: Roger Harrabin, environment analyst: "The Conservatives promised in their manifesto to hold down bills and increase renewable energy. But onshore wind is the cheapest readily-available form of clean energy in the UK. That's why some experts have described their decision to kill the onshore wind programme as bizarre and irrational. business leaders are baffled why ministers will give local people a unique veto over wind turbines, when they cannot veto shale gas fracking or even a nuclear power station on their doorstep."

All parties should Vote Green and have the knowledge that the trickle down and up theory is needed to balance for all to live in as much harmony as possible.

Solar and Wind Energy cost effectively works and should be expanded upon. In 2015 California Sets Record; Surpasses UK, France, Spain in Installed Solar. California Capacity 10,649 MW (enough to power nearly 2.6 million homes.) They did this in approximately 15years. UK Wind energy as of Dec 2014 was 12440MW.

In only 14 years the overall UK solar PV capacity at the end of April 2015 stood at 6,562 MW, across 698,860 installations, an increase of 0.6 per cent in capacity and 1.6 per cent in installations compared to the end of March 2015.

If governments want to eliminate on shore Wind turbine feed-in tariffs, IMO, they are cottoning for the fossil fuel companies and our destruction. Get more wind turbines up or the G7 summit is most likely in breach.

wind energy results 2014

Live life and make heart-filled intelligent decisions. Care to love thyself and others.

Nepal donations needed Avaaz

Donate here to help Nepal.

President Obama's state of the Union 2015 speech on the environment and climate change

More than 3 trillion cubic feet of methane leaks a year from natural gas and fracking. This is 1.4% leakage and some say it could be as high as 9 and 10 percent leakage rates. This negates any effort to slow down our greenhouse emissions. Even if you could stop the leaks into our air and water we will still be burning.

In 1985 My Grandfather said, "Do you know what is going to take down human kind? and he pointed at the exhaust vent for the toilets on each home and said Methane." It's a prophetic joke that short gap economics are allowed to take us to ruin.

A friend will say that Fracking is better than Coal or Petrol (gasoline) is better than Coal. Does your friend understand that any fossil fuel is 100% destroying our environment and time is running down? We have to move at war speed to slow down GW ASAP.

All investment should be spent on research and development into expansion of Solar, Wave, Wind, Hydrogen and battery storage.

Don't be happy about finding more fossil crude oil or Methane by frackin greedy people. Our efforts to slow down the green house are being ruined by this self-destructive attitude. We will destroy most life on this planet if we don't stop drilling for fossil fuels.

MUST READ: UN Sees Irreversible Damage to Climate Caused by Fossil Fuels

2014 was UK's hottest year on record, says Met Office

Actually, now the record has been broken again: March 2016 was the hottest month on record, making it the 11th month in a row of global high temperature records. 2015 was not only the warmest year on record, but broke the record by the largest margin by which the record has been broken

Provisional figures show 2014 was hottest since 1910, and fourth wettest on record

Co2 pre 1958, going back 800,000 years was under 250ppm and it is now at 400ppm. Co2 is directly related to temperature.

The reality is we need a mix of energy supplies and most of them contribute to CO2 production. As individuals we have opportunities to create energy we didn't have in the past. World consumption is growing exponentially. The world is changing and we need to work together to be kind and respectful. The panicking doesn't help us swim, but we do need to take action yesterday on a global scale using the tools at hand. Hybridization and working together will help mitigated and solve the problems. No matter how big the solution is our only choice is to try to fix it the best we can.

Yes at this stage in our evolution long term power shortages will have catastrophic results for our civilization. This will be nothing compared to the floods and droughts that are eminently speeding their way, compliments of fossil fuels. Try to live under water, paradoxically, if you live nearer to the equator you will fry. Once the forest fires increase and more ice melts, more methane will release even without fracking. So fracker why don't you learn to suck methane from the air.

I will do whatever I can to create energy to feed my home and business, store (hydrogen and battery) what I can, then supply the grid.

Please realize wind mills are the least dangerous and there are many volcanoes that could send us into a nuclear winter. (The Great Famine of 1315 to 1317 in Europe may have been precipitated by a volcanic event, 1783 eruption of Laki volcano created a catastrophic famine which killed a quarter of the Icelandic population.) Many scientist say Yellowstone could explode any day, but none know exactly when. Boy scouts motto is be prepared. I believe smart people will be running to get a wind turbine, solar panels and a hydrogen generator / fuel cell.

Solar panels are very good in conjunction with storage. I don't like nuclear and believe this is why many cancers via idiotic nuclear testing, melt downs and leaks exist today. With our present technological mix it unfortunately may be needed, if we don't speed up alternatives immediately.

What ever we do we must eliminate the use of Coal and all fossil fuels ASAP. Technology must make Coal and fossil fuels Co2 controllable ASAP.

German Fossil Fuel Giant Jumps on Renewable Bandwagon

by Paul Hockenos, International Correspondent | Dec 3, 2014

Germany's biggest utility E.ON, long a pillar of the country's fossil fuel and nuclear industry, dropped a bombshell on Europe's business world with the announcement that the multinational was exiting the conventional energy mar... Full Article

EON is doing the right move, now let's see and attract all others to do the same.

Dear David Cameron you went to the Arctic and put a wind turbine on your house to get elected. Please sign Petition to stop Fracking. You don't want to pass bill to drill under England's homes.

By 2050 we will need 90% of our energy from renewable's.
Now we are implementing the most valuable natural resources
England's ships once sailed the 7 Seas; NOW we are harnessing that energy again!

Click here to Stop-fracking-law

Hot or cold? Which way? We are in an unprecedented human experiment. Last time global warming and then ice age happened much less CO2 was released than today. Nasa scientist are swearing and many scientist have cried in public, but we are still pumping fossil fuels into the air. We are breathing the toxic by-products of diesel, petrol, coal and gas; natural or not it is killing us.

The last ice age happened in 6 months.

Vehicles are on sale that help reduce fossil fuel consumption. Our Mitsubishi 4wd Outlander phev is plugged into our solar panels and we don't have to use much petrol.

Mitsubishi 4wd Outlander phev is plugged into kobashi solar panels

We've seen higher than 95mpg, which is very good for a 4WD SUV. The driving we do gets an average of 61mpg, but it gets better if it's kept charged and driven in hills and city.

We use a standard plug (six hour charge) at home. A 32amp at work for future car, now delivering 16amps in two hours max AC the Outlander phev will receive. It will charge by DC at many points in the UK.

Hybrid and pure electric car technology is moving fast and hard.

Don't be fooled by cold weather. When creating ice cream the the ice melts making it colder at first and eventually ice cream turns to liquid. Once the ice melts and methane is released the world wide floods and droughts will increase. Very soon there will be no turning back with present technology.

Somerset floods

Somerset Floods Feb 2014 are just the tip of melting icebergs.

If you are a denier, please stop for the sake of all. (Fracking = methane x20CO2 and polluted water, so stop it immediately!)

Nuclear is not sustainable. The Nuclear industry has been and will be more subsidized by our tax bills than Solar and Wind energy. At the same time the petrol story is that the solar /wind industry is highly subsidized. I (private sector) happily paid over 100,000 GBP for our Solar system. In the end none of the money side of this story will matter. Trident is illogical and illegal. If Trident missiles are launched it will be the end of civilization. Better to use the psychology of dummy cameras. Nuclear war will kill billions of innocent people. Use the ÃÆ'‚£100billion pounds wasted on Trident for alternative energy and rid our dependency on fossil fuels.

Our last car was the Prius, which was good in city and on motorway, but not best in hills and country lanes. For many it is a better choice than just a petrol vehicle.

Kobashi 10kw solar system generated 10,000 units in one year

The future is good and an aromatic molecule will help make Solar energy affordable for everyone.

"Graphene is a one-atom-thick planar sheet of sp2-bonded carbon atoms that are densely packed in a honeycomb crystal lattice. The name comes from GRAPHITE + -ENE; graphite itself consists of many graphene sheets stacked together. Graphene has a breaking strength 200 times greater than steel, making it the strongest material ever tested and and conducts electricity 100 times faster than the silicon." http://phys.org/tags/graphene/

One of the most obvious causes of disease and hardest to get rid of is the use of petrol and diesel fuels for the vehicle.

I would walk, ride a bike or promote electric and hybrid cars, continue the movement to rid ourselves of a petrol based society. More Wind, Wave and Solar energy to charge electric cars and make hydrogen for tractors and Lorries.

Today Wind, Wave and Solar are already giving power to created greener devices and eventually will create all.


Intensive tilling of the soil, due to tractor diesel use may be more detrimental to the environment than using glyphosate to remove weeds? Glyphosate is not much better? Both are known to be carcinogenic.

A possibly more environmental herbicide would be:

  • 2000 mls of vinegar
  • 250 mls orange oil
  • 100 grams salt (Lynda said she doesn't want salt near her plants) Try ommiting the salt.
  • 60 mls soap

Diesel creates 40 toxins! Until farming uses alternatives to diesel there is compromise. When I can I will be getting a Holland NH2 tractor for Kobashi. It's run on Hydrogen, which will be made from water from our well and power from our solar panels.

Approximately 35000 people die from lung cancer each year in the UK.

What is diesel exhaust? Click here...


New Products

Rose Repair Serum 30ml

Rose Repair Serum 30ml


Rose Repair SERUM

A beautifying readily absorbed serum, to help repair and soothe, leaving skin soft and moisturised. Nourishing formula to combat signs of ageing.

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Frankincense Replenish Serum 30ml

Frankincense Replenish Serum 30ml


Soothing skin repair serum, for extra hydration leaving skin feeling smoother and revitalized. Frankincense is renowned for it's rejuvenating properties.
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Frankincense Replenishing Facial Oil 30ml

Frankincense Replenishing Facial Oil 30ml


Soothing skin repair blend, leaving skin feeling smoother and revitalized. Frankincense is renowned for it's rejuvenating properties.
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Immortelle Rejuvenating Facial Oil 30ml

Immortelle Rejuvenating Facial Oil 30ml


Kobashi Immortelle Everlasting Youth Facial Oil

Versatile multi use oil, helps regenerate and fight first signs of ageing. Helichrysum is also known as Immortelle as the flower never fades or dies. We call this blend everlasting youth oil.
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Immortelle Rejuvenating Serum 30ml

Immortelle Rejuvenating Serum 30ml


Kobashi Immortelle Everlasting Youth Serum

A light silky readily absorbed serum, helps repair and soothe, leaving skin bright and rejuvenated. Helps boost hydration,firm and combat first signs of ageing.
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Cananga Oil 5ml


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Massoia Bark Oil wild 5ml

Massoia Bark Oil wild 5ml


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Luxury mineral Salt Scrub 250g Luscious aroma

Luxury mineral Salt Scrub 250g Luscious aroma


Mineral rich Dead Sea and Pink Himalayan salts in a nourishing blend of organic coconut and shea oils infused with Rose Geranium,Ylang Ylang and Grapefruit essential oils. Leaves skin refreshed replenished and silky smooth with a delicate tropical aroma.
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Myrica Wax org. 100g


Myrica Cerifera Fruit Wax solid pellets from Andean farmers, organically sustainable harvesting. Used in Massage Bars, Hair Care products, Candles and in Hair conditioning products it eases tangled hair when combing. Vegan replacement for Beeswax.
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Carnauba wax Copernicia prunifera Organically grown. It has a high melt point, high gloss, and is the hardest of the natural waxes. Carnauba Wax is supplied in flake form for easy use. Can be used in a wide range of Vegan Cosmetic applications.
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