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By 2050 we will need 90% of our energy from renewable's.
Now we are implementing the most valuable natural resources
England's ships once sailed the 7 Seas; NOW we are harnessing that energy again!

Don't Let any government stop us from our daunting task.

By Peter Bennett 21 March 2012 "The Renewable Energy Association welcomed the Chancellor’s noticeably more positive tone towards renewable energy but warned that he is wrong to equate renewable energy to higher costs. According to DECC’s own modeling, a high renewable energy scenario would cost no more than continuing the nation’s current energy mix in the future. The REA also reiterated that a thriving domestic renewable industry would create a high proportion of inflation-free energy, a better balance of trade deficit and, most importantly, more jobs.

The REA questioned the Chancellor’s justification of gas-fired electricity’s major support because “gas is cheap,” whilst promising to keep an eye on the costs of renewable energy to families, when both Ofgem and the Committee on Climate Change clearly demonstrated that gas, not renewables are responsible for the continued escalation of utility bills.

REA Chief Executive Gaynor Hartnell, said: “It is short-termism in the extreme to hand out tax breaks to oil and gas because crude oil prices are soaring. Energy security demands we invest in energy sources that won’t run out.”

Solar Helps the Economy
Solar Helps with the Energy Crisis.
Solar Helps against green house gases.
Solar helps the air we breathe.

Some may say Great Britain is too small to make a difference. I say, "no one is too small to make a difference."

As computers spread through the world to grow our businesses and communicate our thoughts, so will the energy produced by the individual.

As of January 2012, the Good news is upward and onward: Solar panels have dropped in price and put value on your home and business. A 10kw system from Sungift solar has dropped from 28500 to around 21000 in just a month. So it still makes good sense in monetary terms, even though there are many other reasons to do so.

Nov 2011 The government landed a body blow to the solar industry by announcing that feed-in tariffs to support the installation of solar PV will be more than halved.The country protested the the stall by the government to do what ever they can to slow down global warming and get us off fossil fuels. December 21, 2011 at the High Court, Mr Justice Mitting found Government Ministers had acted unlawfully in cutting feed-in tariffs from the 12th December 2011. The fight goes on for clean energy freedom.

If we can bail out the banks, then more should go towards the real sustainable economy.

Nuclear is not sustainable. Just wait for the price of Uranium to skyrocket and run out. If you think your tax pounds/dollars won't go towards subsidising (subsidizing) Nuclear then you haven't studied the past. Lobbying politics isn't science. Watch the money. Why would the power companies want you to become a power producer? 'They want you to become a producer of Solar, Wind and Wave energy because they care about you, clean air, global warming and the elimination of fossil fuels!'

Solar is real investment into a real economy.

In great Britain alone, since the scheme was introduced in April 2010, we have seen 100,000 solar installations,
the creation of more than 22,000 jobs and almost 4,000 new businesses.

Exclusive: Juliet Davenport/Goodenergy on energy bill
Save the Economy: Sign Petition

Some may say Great Britain is too small to make a difference. ” It’s amazing that common sense was made and dissembled. The whole point is to shift to sustainable energy ASAP; have we not learned anything from all that has been said on this subject. Time has run out and some are still acting like there isn't a problem. We finally had a solution that got us to act. We could sort out our energy problem and bring cleaner air in 15 years with the current feed in tariff. One should also mention all the small businesses that have geared up and invested in Solar, will loose momentum. What other major business is going to help the economy!” Scott Ballard

Kobashi's new three phase electric's for distillation unit and solar power.

Kobashi's new three phase electric's for distillation unit and solar power. Sept 25, 2011

Thanks to everyone; I think it's working?

Sustainable Energy = Clean air : Calm, determined and consistent.

As the temperature rises more water vapor is release into the atmosphere from the sea and land. Increased water vapor has the largest global warming effect: holding increasing temperature. Less ice mass, less reflected sun and the greater the heat sink of the sea. As temperature rises more methane releases creating a 23 fold global warming effect against a base Carbon dioxide effect. Carbon dioxide levels are at unprecedented levels already. Correlation between carbon dioxide and temperature levels have been established to have a similar parallel effect patterns. On top of this, we have increased Nitrous oxide levels with a 296 x global warming effect against base CO2, due to industrial farming fertilizers.

Critical mass will be reached around 2015., At this point nothing we can do with present technology will stop the ever increasing temperature.

The Earth has it own cooling mechanism

Once Greenland and Antarctica has melted releasing it's fresh water into the oceans, sea levels will rise 12 meters and the gulf stream will stow down. Within 10 years from the Gulf stream slowing we will be in the next ICE AGE.

Please note present CO2 levels have never been as high as they are in recorded history, so the story could be worse. Weather as you know is unpredictable.


greedy self centered Economics won't matter as floods around coastline + major rivers, + rainforest gone, + as heated mid earth equator desert enlarge = mass migration.

Don't be frightened. Be strong and do something. Any little action helps. You matter!

We need to reduce our Carbon footprint today.

Global Warming is real and we must all act on it today.

Photos taken January 4th 2012 and at time of posting january 10th 2012 they are still out. It is like spring in our winter time. We haven't really had a winter yet.

Bumble Bee


Dec 12th 2011 and all these flowers are still here!


latitude: 50.704883, longitude: -3.557965





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