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Solar Helps the Economy
Solar Helps with the Energy Crisis.
Solar Helps against green house gases.
Solar helps the air we breathe.

The government landed a body blow to the solar industry this week (Nov 2011) by
announcing that feed-in tariffs to support the installation of solar PV will be more than halved.

If we can bail out the banks so they can play the virtual stock market and
give themselves bonuses, then more should go towards the real economy.

Solar is real investment into a real economy.

Since the scheme was introduced in April 2010, it has seen 100,000 solar installations,
the creation of more than 22,000 jobs and almost 4,000 new businesses.

The solar tariff cut will sink further an already sinking economy.

Save the Economy: Sign Petition

” It’s amazing that common sense was made and dissemble. The whole point is to shift to sustainable energy at war speed. Have we not learned anything from all that has been said on this subject. Time has run out and some are still acting like there isn’t a problem. We finally had a solution that got every to act. We could sort out our energy problem and bring cleaner air in 15 years with the current feed in tariff. One should also mention all the small business that have geared up and invested in Solar. What other major business is going to help the economy!” Scott Ballard

Kobashi's new three phase electric's for distillation unit and solar power.

Kobashi's new three phase electric's for distillation unit and solar power. Sept 25, 2011

Good energy 100% Renewable energy

Good Energy is delighted to announce we'll be holding both gas and electricity prices steady during winter 2010. (Written Dec 1st 2010)

This comes amid the recent controversy over energy pricing sparked by an investigation by energy regulator Ofgem and announcements of price rises by many other energy suppliers.

The move to hold prices down demonstrates our unwavering commitment to ensuring that green energy is more accessible. We hope that reducing the price differential between renewable and many fossil-fuel-based suppliers will encourage more consumers to switch to a green energy tariff, bringing the country closer to a 100% renewable future.

But also integral to the Good Energy mission is reducing energy consumption - we want people to become more aware of their energy use and consequently do more to become energy efficient. This will not only bring down bills but will have a positive impact on the environment, particularly important during the current cold snap that has hit the country as people are likely to be using significantly more energy to heat their homes.
Wind turbines in the snow

This page was started in 2007 and is a personal effort to help solve some of our problems.

Thanks to everyone; I think it's working.

Sustainable Energy = Clean air : Calm, determined and consistent.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2011!


Lynda Scott and Lily's first solar panel 2001

We need to reduce our Carbon footprint Today.

Global warming means an equal and opposite action. Hot and Colder weather!
Building with Hempcrete = ~ better than zero carbon


Build with Hempcrete = better than zero carbon

Structure and insulation that breaths are BacktoEarth...
Good U values and it's multiplicative inverse or reciprocal R values (higher the better).
Good thermal diffusivity and thermal Effusivity ( Lower values are better)

Environmentally friendly homes need a
Heat recovery, moisture ventilation system:

SolarDuct is a modular rooftop solar air heating


By 2050 we will need 90% of our energy from renewable's.
Now we are implementing the most valuable natural resources
England's ships once sailed the 7 Seas; NOW we are harnessing that energy again!


Councilor Derrick Spear was ahead of the times.
Executive Member for Economic Regeneration
Devon County Council
(The pay back is much better now than in 2004.)


Energy Utopia is Here for those that act now!

Cleaner China Welwind Energy International Corp.Wind and Solar Energy

China is soon to be the largest consumer of power;
it makes sense to concentrate sustainable energy there.


Clean Energy 2030 Google's Proposal for reducing dependence on fossil fuels...

Westinghousesolar Payback calculations... Click here


Wind turbines are beautiful and will help energize.
Create today and WIN CCF (Cleaner Children's Future).

Don't let anyone deter you from retiring on green energy.

Click Here for a graph on how to make up to 42.8% return on your money from wind>

Since the new feed-in tariff scheme officially started on the 1st April 2010 has provided much increased income from newly installed renewable energy systems demand for solar photovoltaic systems has soared with over 10,000 property owners taking the opportunity to secure a 25 year guaranteed income stream.

Contrary to press speculation prior to the Government spending review announcement this week there were no changes announced to the existing FITs so for both PV and wind the rates stay the same and neither are scheduled to go down until the existing planned reduction in 2012.

The feed-in tariff has been set at 31.4p/kWh for a typical farm scale solar PV installation. This rate will be index linked to inflation over the life of the scheme and the existing legislation specifically states the rate is guaranteed once started.

A typical farm scale PV Solar system will cost between £50,000 and £300,000 but will pay for itself in 8 - 9 years and then produce a further 15+ years of index linked income with little or no maintenance requirements.

All systems provided by Segen using photovoltaic panels from leading manufacturers which have performance guarantees of 25 years, ensuring high levels of energy generation well beyond the payback period.

System Configuration Tool to see what system would best suit you with prices and annual earnings estimated.


Get a Green loan from Triodos for your wind turbine and solar panel investments,
and check your wind speed and south facing areas first. (answer links on this page.)


UK Media Says Yes to Optimism.

Go Britain! You have the tools and the Political Will.

Conservative, Liberal Democrat, Labour and Democrats environmental policies.

Micro Generation of Energy is the Personal Answer.

All for One and One for All. Take action now. The time has come.


It's Happening! Britain is no longer waiting!
We all are getting on board and implementing solutions.


1.) The solution to enable us to produce more energy
is to upgrade the antiquated grid to
Smart Grid. SuperSmart Grid

Call your MP now. Ask for wholesale 3 PHASE for everyone. It's the best for all.
An important property of three-phase power is that the
power available to a resistive load,P = V I = \frac{V^2}R, is constant at all times.
This gives every individual the ability to produce more electricity and
charge our electric cars at a fraction of the time of single phase.

With a new kind of three-phase charging method
electric cars can be charged in four minutes.
A commercial product should be ready by 2011.
Now you can charge your car in 10 to 45 minutes with 3phase.

A three-phase system is generally more economical than others because
it uses less conductor material to transmit electric power than
equivalent single-phase or two-phase systems at the same voltage.
Electrical motors for 3phase can be made smaller, are more efficient and last longer.

If you think you can wait, think about this: UK and the USA
are dependent on outside energy sources.
What we pay for the grid now will be nothing compared to
no power to run the computer society we have created.


Today clean energy is just as important as global warming is to those being flooded and in drought today.

We know Peak Uranium and Petrol is Health and
Environmental Disaster and Not sustainable.

Some want you to think there's plenty of available oil and time.

What ever happens we have to look at renewables!

We are liquid fuel dependent.Not the money, not the time,
but the pain will make us move. It's only years away.
So we might be off a year or two, will that make you feel better?
Good or bad hiding will do us no good.

Political Will is here, but more importantly we must all move quickly.

Buy a UK Hydrogen refueling station for your farm...

Farmers Unite: If you can't get them to Upgrade your grid connection cost effectively, then make Hydrogen from your excess electrical energy from Wind and Solar systems. We will need all the Hydrogen we can get for all the Hydrogen cars being made. Sell your hydrogen for profit.

We are happy that the NFU is promoting Solar and Wind farms, but very unhappy about Badger culling! Everyone knows cows are one of the greatest contributors to globalwarming, so please cap your methane and make energy with an anaerobic digester..

Ocean Power Technologies Project Wins A $66.5m Award from Australian Federal Government

Buoy 19 MW – sufficient to fulfill the energy needs of approximately 10,000 homes.

The government just said by 2050 we need 90% of our energy from renewable's.
Now we are implementing the most valuable resource England has, SOLAR, WIND & WAVE ENERGY.
England's ships once sailed the 7 Seas; NOW we are harnessing that energy again!

I'll pay extra tax for WIND, WAVE and SOLAR ,
but not Nuclear. (Why? Nuclear overall cost, Not sustainable, Peak Uranium)

We know Nuclear is just another finger in the dam:cost much
more than sorting out the grid for everyone's renewables and
will take too much time to get on board. We have already past Peak Uranium.
If you think it's going to cost us tax payers a lot now, just wait. It's a spruce goose!

Put solar panels
and Mariah wind turbines on our homes with our tax money, not 10 Nuke stations on our beautiful coast.

Wind speed calculator

Solarsense calculator


Click Here for a graph on how to make up to 42.8% return on your money from wind>

Families to earn 1000GBP per year for installing Solar.

2009 Renewables 4.577 will Sail Past Nuclear 4.944 (Quadrillion Btu) in 2010

Renewables, Global Status Report 2009

Coal’s Environmental Damage Costs U.S. $62 Billion

Environmental effects of wind power...

"Just 96 months to save world." Prince Charles

EXPECT FLOODS: England, the month of July2009 rain and cold weather :
2010 coldest January in more than 30 years in the UK, due to polar melt and inversional wind change: warmest world wide.
My theory: Recession = less consumption = less production = fake out. The Ice caps are melting in lieu of this.

  1. ALERT! Solar Grid Parity Accomplished!

  2. We must help by creating and sharing energy.
    Lower cost energy and Clean air will be accomplished for all.
  3. Chinese Treasury department subsidy for 2009 that offers about
    $2.90 per watt financial incentives for systems larger than 50 kilowatts.
    China takes action before Britain and USA (will loose more business
  4. Save money: A New Energy Direction

President Obama and the EPA are behind Powershift09.org

Take action: Make your town climate friendly

Emissions Growth Must End by 2015, U.N. Warns

Why climate change is 'biggest health threat of 21st century ...

Newest study: Professor Anthony Costello of UCL, "Global warming is the biggest health threat of...

WNDEF western wind energy.com


What can Solar do?: Google Solar.

Google's CEO Eric Schmidt says, we can save 4.68 trillion USD; create cheaper electricity and a million jobs by 2030, by going green energy.

Some Real Numbers on Energy from Google Energy Research..

Aug 2008 Governmental leaders say the biggest threats to humans are global warming and energy deficiencies, but the one thing that could make a difference is not being implemented. Give us, the people, equal payback rates for the electricity we produce. Make it easier to put up Wind and PV panels. This would sort out our problem in the shortest time.

Government going in right direction July 2009

"The rates of generation tariff for the first year of feed-in tariffs (2010-2011) will be as follows and will stay the same for the life of the tariff.

Hydro: 17p for installations up to 10kW; 12p for 10-100kW; 8.5p for 100kW-1MW; 4.5p for 1-5MW

Solar photovoltaic panels: 36.5p for installations of less than 4kW retrofitted onto an existing building (31p if it is on new build); 31p for 4-10kW; 28p for 10-100kW; 26p for 100kW-5MW.

Wind: 30.5p for installations with a capacity of less than 1.5kW; 23p for 1.5-15kW; 20.5p for 15-50kW; 18p for 50-250kW; 16p for 250-500kW; 4.5p for 500kW-5MW." Yougen can help you get started

Solar Power & Wind Power 'Home-made' energy in UK alone
will match output of five
nuclear plants ...

The Energy Intensity of Photovoltaic Systems

Download PDF summary by FOE ...

New government BERR report ...

Google saves $393,000 per year
using solar ...

I don't care who is leading the country as long as they can bring balance and help the majority. It's like walking a type rope and sometimes a move from one party to the other can keep us moving towards a better society and world for all.

talk about bipartisanship;
President Obama promises to spend 150 billion over the next ten years on Renewable Energy.

Read President Obama's Book

Policy-by-policy: The coalition government's plans May 25th 2010

  • I'm not crazy about everything UK Labour government has done, but they have done good deeds in ruff times.
  • The NHS is a good system.
  • The Schools that I have seen are very good.
  • I 'm amazed at how many freebies people get (rent and upgrading their homes, subsidizing energy bills and much more.)
  • The labour government did seem to be too centralized and seems like it is creating a centralized communist like government?
  • Policies don't seem to be going through a democratic process?
  • Trying to do it all themselves not trusting and not allocating to the people could dilute and demoralize.
  • ID cards that are a waste of money. (Good news there out. May 25th 2010)
  • Holding personal DNA information: Do you want to live in a society where everyone is distrusted and suspect??? (Good news there out. May 25th 2010)
  • Not trusting teachers better judgment, paper work instead of teaching?
  • Paper madness for police, when they could be doing what they need to do, as they know right from wrong, just as well as the government?
  • Checks and balances are good, but paranoia is not balanced.
  • Pushing booze ( I remember watching the parliament channel and when Gordon Brown said with such gusto and Bravado That he wasn't raising the price of tax on a pint of beer and they cheered, I was shocked at the enthusiasm, I also bought at auction a bottle of Scotch signed by the Prime Minister) which is just as bad as marijuana. I wouldn't fire good independent scientist because they tell the truth. No wonder this place is known as boozing Britain?
  • feeding the banks so they can gamble our hard earned taxes. Bring back the Glass-Steagall Act. Separate Banks from Wall street. Imagine if everyone gambeled on the stock market: Who would grow the food?
  • More importantly don't borrow money we can't pay back.
  • Live unto ones means and don't be frivolous or greedy.
  • (like, MPs double standard: claiming for all kinds of expenses on our taxes. Fair enough, the other parties have members doing the same.)? focusing on the witch hunt of MP's does not stimulate the economy?
  • Iraq?
  • 42 day detention? What does this have to do with all those that died for democracy?
  • reversing laws just to look like they are doing something?
  • choosing EDF nuclear over cleaner and cheaper green alternatives is not sustainable and will cost much more!
  • allowing the utility companies to charge some of the highest rates in Europe? (If it makes us go altenative and create our own, yes and if it's just to take advantage of the situation, no.)
  • selling the gold at discount and claiming to be knowledgeable of economics? (Well we all make mistakes; could you have done better?)
  • not telling the people that 2000 VS 2007 double top was certainly going to sell off the market. This was the opportunity the top 2% and any money market manager could have told you.)? Of course if you were told it would have happened anyway, but at least on a more even playing field.
  • companies are leaving Britain and last to get out of recession? ( Dumb to stop ink and toner cartriges from being posted because of a few sick demented extremist. Don't you think they have won.)
  • Focus should be on creating jobs through renewables.
  • I like the fact that Tony Blair played Rock & Roll, but head of Europe? He said he'd make the United Kingdom a leader in the internet and make fast broadband for everyone. Dunsford is still 512k as of Nov 2010: We are behind Hungary. (Good news on May 25th 2010 faster Broadband: let's hope the promise is kept this time.) I still don't see it.
  • Smiling is good for your immune system, but a defense for creating an illegal war with Bush? Better luck next time doing the Right & Good. When will we learn that only love will get us out of the mess we create; me included.
  • Gordon Brown is a human like you or I; I believe he means well and I think the media is not helpful in many ways: Politics is complicated. , I believe he is a good man and I wish him well. He did a decent job under hard times.
  • Old parties may think they can do anything. There must be balance in all things. Power unfortunately can corrupt and absolute power can corrupt absolutely. Let the new comers inject some more honesty and good behavior while you can.
  • When one who has power: It takes a very spiritual person to not allow the ego to feed arrogance and intolerance. When it doesn't like what others say and do, it's own agenda may not listen to the reason and needs of others.
  • Everyone has a point of view and hopefully it is from clarity with consciousness and caring intent.
  • The Murdoch/Cameron mix I believe may not be good for democracy? Do you really believe what's in the Sun newspaper? There are a few human made climate change deniers within the party. On the other hand they may be better for business; David Cameron has a chance to prove his words about serving the people?

    If a Conservative, Labour, Liberal Democrat or Green party member has good policies vote for them. We must look closely at the policies and actions of the representative and if the party is being guided in democratic way for the majority. A leader must (serve and guide the ship from the collective majority's needs, not their wants) without their ego leading to manipulate by clap trap. They must do their best to do what they say, but first they must do it without rhetoric, sound bites, manipulative gestures and movement. Serving for the good of all must come from the heart, soul with a true intend to make a better life for as many as possible.
  • I don't have all the answers; I am trying to survive like everyone else.
  • The survival of the human race IMHO will depend on: (being in the here and now, seeing what is + Love each other to the best of our ability + Sustainable Energy. + Inhabit the stars.)

    Remember no government is perfect for everyone, but those that serve the majority, are balanced and are the fairest are the best.
  • Government is complicated. It is rife with special interested groups and big money.

    Whomever tries to run the show will have a hard time of it.

    Obama tried to help the less fortunate and at the same time having to fix the mess the greedy have made.

    He's probably trying too hard compared to many of us? The truth is if he didn't spend and balance we most likely would be hurting much more.
  • The problem is the pendulum may swing to far. Many People who work hard for their money will think they know better what charities need there money. So the balance goes on.
  • A problem is there is always people who can't help themselves as much as they would like to.
  • There is always people who take advantage of the free hand outs.
  • A problem is we are being held hostage by the too big to fail and they know it. Laws will have to be put in place that were taken away, Like
    Glass Steagall Act. Also bring back common sense and stop eating/consuming like pigs. Credit cards are virtual and can lead to bankruptcy.

    A problem is we are dammed if we do and damned if we don't, so we try to communicate, compromise and placate to keep the system going.

    Perhaps if we let the too big to fail at least we'd be on a more level play ground. Legislation is good but not if it brings things to a stand still.
  • All the talk about cutting spending may be helpful sometimes, but it may only stagnate the system. All the money spent should be allocated fairly, for the products bought give food to the ones that supply.
  • Perhaps the unconscious and lazy should help fix the system. It's up to everyone to contribute to a fair workable system.

    We've known that the Government was headed for big deficits many years ago. Social Security, National Insurance, NHS etc. The system is built on boom and bust. Greed and fear AND MANY GOOD INTENTIONS.
  • If we want a workable system then we all need to contribute.
    Someone may think:
    Milk, but do not stampede. Drive the market down to buy it up. Only to drive it down again. Better yet, a fair market and a fair system.
  • What came first the chicken or the egg? Consciousness or form?
  • More on the Economy...

Good news US Solar Ban called off July 1, 2008 due to public opposition (your say and votes count.)

Solar Power, Wind Power, Wave Power, Tidal Power & Hydro Power are big business. They are also something that the individual can do for the world. Together we can sort out Peak oil and Global warming, by investing in our children's future with the cleanest greenest renewable alternatives: Solar Power, Wind Power, Wave Power, Tidal Power & Hydro Power to power our electric vehicles.

This if the first time in our history where business and the consumer can be the creator of our energy needs.

Don't let the big Oil, Coal and Nuclear fool you. If they do it will be to the detriment of our children.

WAKE UP Power Blackouts May 27 2008 (only the beginning mates/folks.) May 29 2008 flash floods hit SW England and June 2 2008 Germany. MASSIVE FLOODING-WISCONSIN-INDIANA (SEVERE WEATHER NOW !) June 9th 2008

National Snow and Ice Data Center

Wind power supply to be boosted ...

Phase inverter 3Phase to single Phase soon to be?

Up to 7,000 new turbines; 25 gigawatts x 356days = 8900GW of electricity by wind power.
UK current annual usage is ~16 732 gigawatts - GW
SO THIS IS ~50% OF UK ELECTRICITY NEEDS BY WIND ALONE! Add solar panels (example: Open Energy Corporation OEGY or Akeena solar AKNS = easy solar installation ) on as many roofs as possible and add hydro to that and we've sorted out the problem!


IF ONLY 1/3 OF THE HOMES IN THE UK installed solar and wind turbines to feed the grid with much needed electricity there would not be an energy crisis. We would then stabilize the cost of electricity to the end user.

"Gordon Brown recently courted controversy by crushing the biggest labour MP rebellion of his premiership to halt plans to amend the energy bill.

The amendment would have guaranteed the introduction of a UK feed-in tariff within a year."

UK will have to meet 15% of its total energy consumption from renewable sources by 2020. 2020 is too late! We need to gear up at War speed now to tackle the environmental and economic disaster we are in now.

Nuclear is a waste of money and not as fast to setup, nor as clean as Solar, Wind, Wave, Tidal & Hydro energy installations ...

I'm not asking for subsidies for renewable's, even though this is probably needed for many to be able to startup faster. I just want premium rates for the electricity I create with solar, wind and hydro power. The government said Global warming is the worst crisis the world has ever had to face. What are they waiting for???????? (Old stuff, they are coming through.)

Don't loose out: Big Corporations like IBM are now moving into Solar ...

Everyone knows in 2009-10 (2011latest) solar prices will drop and everyone will be ill advised not to invest. At today's prices your PV system will pay back in ~ 7 years, hot water solar has a ~4 years and Wind pay back is 4 to 6 years. Even cheaper and faster payback if you install the system your self. Solar and wind turbines have a 20 to 30year life, so you will get many years of free energy, increasing the value of your home or business.

Germany is cutting subsidies for those with an income over 100,000 (7% reduction) only because Solar is growing too fast in Germany. It's also to free up money for Offshore wind which is easier for the power companies to control than solar on your roof. I'm not knocking it, we need as much green energy as we can, but it's the citizens that need a fare share of the profits more than making billions for another utility company and a few lucky share holders.

Oil will be $200 so grid parity even with coal is inevitable.

The Oil and coal industry can see their profits dwindle as we get off centralized power to micro-generation.

Solar efficiencies will be 20 to 35% in 2010 and they will not stop there. They have a 60% efficiency potential. With the exponential growth of technology I have no doubt most of us will be creating all the power we need and more individually.

Oil, Coal and Nuclear are lobbing the UK government and they are making some Green U turns. I believe Gordon Brown's brother working for EDF may be a conflict of interest. (It's well known the England has more wind than most other countries, Wind power is cheaper than Nuclear in the long run and easier to maintain with no ill side effects.) Expect more propaganda.

They get less tax if we generate our own power.

Petrol (Gasoline) is 3/4 tax at over 4GBP $8 dollars a gallon in UK.

We are going Air, electric and Hydrogen with our cars. Solar and wind direct to our vehicles.

Folks all I can say is POWER TO THE PEOPLE RIGHT NOW!

Clean up our air and stop the Napoleonic energy system. It will only milk and/or destroy us.

Lobby the Government to give us premium pay back for the electricity we create with our Solar, wind and hydro systems. The time has come. We as individuals can fix our energy problem. DO NOT LEAVE IT TO THE OIL COMPANIES AND THE GOVERNMENT TO DO IT. Click here to make a complaint.


Switch to Good Energy for your electricity Now.

Good Energy is the only 100% pure green energy company and all the rest are giving you hype. Click here to see your utility companies' fuel mix.

Hydrogen to run your home and cars is now available:

As the temperature rises more water vapor is release into the atmosphere from the sea and land. Increased water vapor has the largest global warming effect: holding increasing temperature. Less ice mass, less reflected sun and the greater the heat sink of the sea. As temperature rises more methane releases creating a 23 fold global warming effect against a base Carbon dioxide effect. Carbon dioxide levels are at unprecedented levels, higher than in the last 7 ice ages. Correlation between carbon dioxide and temperature levels have been established to have a similar parallel effect pattern. On top of this, we have increased Nitrous oxide levels with a 296 x global warming effect against base CO2, due to industrial farming fertilizers.

Critical mass will be reached around 2015., At this point nothing we can do with present technology will stop the ever increasing temperature.

We are in the biggest experiment mankind has every created. The earth has it's own cooling mechanism called an Ice age and this happens quickly after global warming.



subsidies for jet fuel and oil companies, no wonder alternative sustainable cleaner energy cost more. This won't be for long, for even with the unfair trading, grid parity will happen by 2010. Imagine if there was an even playing field.

Lobby now, the time has come for micro generation of cleaner energy. Charge your FASTER lower cost electric car at home. Produce Hydrogen from your own solar panels to run your hydrogen car.
Solar hydrogen home: Michael Strizki worked for the government department of energy and now offers a package for the home.

Google saves $393,000 per year using solar:


The universe is the ultimate balancer.
What heals a cut is very significant.
Staying positive can created your own reality and not facing reality is living in illusion.

These links will teach you some of the reality of stock trading:

THE ONLY PROBLEM I SEE IS  WHO IS CREATING THE FOOD, CLOTHING AND SHELTER WHEN TOO MANY PEOPLE DO THIS? Also the Big players can manipulate the Boom and bust to their game plan with fear and greed. The more society plays into borrow and gamble, the more power we give them. They even got billions of your Tax dollars, made billions more, while many homes were and still are being taken away. Why not buy them another yacht.

If you do this pick the companies who actually help society.

See Michael Moore's Movie on Capitalism: A Love Story...

Megatrends ( A good teacher, Elliot waves & much more.)

Alpha Global Investors (Good track record. Financial planner, artist and a good guy. Likes to keep it simple, ABC Volume and moving Averages:)

Gannfann More...( no longer keeps it updated but good archives) Can also be found teaching at stockmarketvideo.com

freestockcharts.com (a must have tool)

FreeTradingVideos (get a taste of today's Market reality)

Alphatrends Brian Shannon ( momentum day trader "Price is all that matters.")

A day in the life of a trader.


Ben Bernanke speech March 20th 2009 The Financial Crisis and Community Banking

Understanding some Stock trading risk.

The information on this page has been added in different time frames, but can still be relevant to the future. The stock market is cyclical and history does repeat itself.

By the conventional definition, a slow-down has to continue for at least six months of negative growth to be considered a recession.
So much of the world may be in a recession and many economies will do okay, but as of May 2008 most are saying the recession is here. Governments usually don't admit there's a recession until it's over.
I would say as of Sept 2008 we are going into recession.

Positive side: a recession will also slow down global warming by reducing energy consumption.

The main economies of the world have been growing fast since July 1st 2002 and we are overdue for a correction. The correction started July 13th 2007, with bouncing till Dec 2007 and then bouncing down and start up March 10th 2008. Good friday was the day to purchase Solar stocks.
To put things into perspective look at this graph: S&P500: click 10y.

  • (October 13, 2008
  • Unfortunately Hedge fund, market money managers will sell as soon as this rally is exhausted. There is still a very good possibility that the S&P will reach 700 and if it goes lower we will go into a depression.
  • "Let me make myself perfectly clear about the long term out look.....
  • I think if prices break the 820 range we should see the 770 range and prices could hold on the short term....
  • Long term I think this move breaks to the downside and goes to 380-400 range.....Of course prices must break the important swing low of 770...... Gannfann
  • Since we have had prices move quickly and we have been oversold we must have a rally.... We have hit a major support retracement and recovered so prices should continue, but the trend will break again to the downside.... " Gannfann )
  • The only reason why I'm telling you this is so you don't loose your hard earned money. There are many sharks out there and you should be prepared and know the reality:

Gap up or down, resistance and support, when time and price breaks prior time and price. Day Traders (time frames daily to the 5 min and peak (peek) at the 2 and 1 minute), suggest "playing" drawing bottom and top lines to wedge. Any trend lines of support and resistance in perspective with horizontal lines of support and resistance, in conjunction with volume and momentum. See where the diamonds are and watch the news.

It's the weekly time frame in the months of Nov. -Dec. 2009 that we have to be concerned with when the Bear crashes the Market once again to retest 666 on the S&P500. With 10.2% unemployment in USA and growing, we should understand that this is higher than the 1931 unemployment figure of 8.7%.

  • Terms & Conds: I understand if you play the
    market you have decided to go to sea at free will. Think about it, it's money; companies don't have to join the market. They do it to get leverage. It's still about money and all the ceo's and people within the companies can go sailing too. So as I see it, I go fishing and then I give the fish to a company I believes product is good by buying it. (SOLAR, WiND, Wave My own personal power station.)
    The risk reward is as it is. No one is forcing me or any other person or company to play this game. It is a lottery with money factors that can give you less risk than Vegas or the lottery.

    The only problem I see is who is creating the food, clothing and shelter when too many people do this?



Oct. 2008 A good drop in the market is an equalizer. It gives the poor the ability to to notch up, if they have any cash to purchase shares that are oversold. It is unfortunately also a time when the top 2% of the wealth buy up assets (Companies, Banks, Stocks, Your home and take more control.

Governments are now borrowing money with tax payers money to buy percentages of banks and insurance companies to sure up against the storm ahead. I guess this is why two of the companies in Bill gates fund are Inflation Linked Opportunities and Income Funds.

The governments are betting they can avoid a depression with a recession, most will say they don't have any other choice if they want to keep the present system going.

What the truth is in this virtual and solid world hybrid I hope will come out, but do we really want to know. Maybe living in the Matrix is the better; what you know can you deal with it?

Of course a hybrid system that works for the majority can only be the best we can do.

During an American election their has always been doom and gloom talk.
Much of the market is psychologically moved; rumors and news can bring things up or down.

Why Bear Stearns was picked to bailout over Lehman Brothers must be put under careful scrutiny. LEH had stock in many alternatives to oil. Iceland also was in the forefront of the green movement. Follow the money and perhaps their liquidity was debased by those that want this movement slowed down?

Giving people loans when the banks know they don't have a good chance of getting their money back can't be good. The sub prime problem is only? 2 to 3% of the 45.5 trillion, the paper will be written down and the assets will eventually bounce back? History shows this to be true. Many companies are betting on this and have injected billions into these problem companies. Housing prices were becoming too high for the average person to buy, so something had to give.
A 5% jobless rate use to be considered full employment.
One problem, there has been a 20% drop in US manufacturing.

An economy where manufacturing goes down and no one is producing, just virtualizing money, has to eventually collapse. People have to work for something that is real.

People now are going to put their money in something that matters. (positive thought)

What goes up must come down and what comes down must go up.
This is why the I Ching and Ying and Yang have been valued.

Lessons for the uninitiated:

The Bears in the Market are hoping it will go down, because they make money by shorting stocks, called Puts and many people are bottom fishers.
The Bulls in the Market want the prices to go up so they can sells stocks higher, called Calls.
When valuation gets high they like to talk it down and when it gets low they like to talk it up.

The Hedge funds and Market managers don't care if it goes up or down. It's just numbers and they actually can make more on the downside. Most people can't get their head around the fact that a bear market is setup to be a mirror to a bull market, thus the term hedge. It's hard for most to do the emotion reverse psychology needed to survive in the present day market. It is not set up for the average persons buy and hold mentality. Unfortunately banks tie up honest people pensions and insurance for their future in this unstable market. If you are thinking about time you need to know when to get in and when to get out. Unfortunately this doesn't help the average person that wants to help a company they believe in and expect to get a fair return for their money invested. Any system that expects higher than fair company value from their investment is a boom and bust economy.

Solar, Wind, Wave and Fuel cell stocks have a potential for our future. You understand that stocks go up and down and have a potential for an upward or downward trend, due to market influences, country and company competition, borrowing and pay back, currency evaluations, company profile, quarterly reports, order announcements, supply and demand, market manipulation, industrial and consumer sentiment. All these determine risk factor.

The safest strategy was to spread your investment in as many companies as possible in a three to five year term. Play it long and decide the amount of profit you would like to make.

More risky, but can increase your shares, watch the Indexes and percentage rise and falls in each stock., Watch the 5day VWAP (Volume weighted Average Price), 8, 20, 50 100 and 200MA (Moving averages): when low number cross higher or lower in different time frames, 5 min, 10min, 15min, 30min, Daily, Weekly, Sell on the high and buy back on the low,

or do like Warren Buffet, know your company, buy undervalued companies, wait till your happy with the return and sell.

Alternatively take out the profit and invest in your own company; get a job. Help family, friends and your community and just don't write blogs like this. Even though I believe this page will help some that can figure it out.

The problem is Greed and Fear: two things we need to avoid.

Balance in all things should be our prime directive, not money.

We at Kobashi hope all Essential oil companies get a fair share.


Our biggest threat: NASA Scientist Explains Threat of Coal>

Nuclear will cost much more than Wind and will cost tax payers billions.


2007 data confirms warming trend.

World Leaders Call for Urgent Action on Climate Change at United Nations
Please listen at http://ipcc.cac.es

Arctic Melting Fast; May Swamp U.S.

Meteorological society Arctic Sea level melt Video

Green Peace on Solar power more...

Businesses everywhere are going solar.http://www.eispv.com/google_video.html

AKNS Akeena solar is easy solar installation.

Condolences to all that mourn the now extinct:

Baiji (Chinese: ; Pinyin: báijìtún) (Lipotes vexillifer, Lipotes meaning "left behind", vexillifer "flag bearer") was a freshwater dolphin found only in the Yangtze River in China. Nicknamed ""Goddess of the Yangtze" (Simplified Chinese: 长江女神; Traditional Chinese: 長江女神; Pinyin:

Problems & Solutions

  • Why have you been sent to this page? I would not be selling Essential oils if I didn't believe they are benefiting people. Essential oils are important to my family and friends. Without a healthy environment many may not be here to enjoy essential oils.
  • The Sun and Sun flares can play an important role in changing our planet's environment. Weather is not always predictable. No matter what is going to happen it is good that we are advancing, learning about our environment, working together to do something, no matter how small, to make Space Ship Earth a better place to live.
  • Without a stabile environment most people of the planet will go into chaos. I am being driven to do my small part in trying to avoid a possible catastrophic future. Presently Americans are using 25% of the world oil produced. Without imports the USA will run out of oil in three years, with current consumption. Population and Crude Oil prices are climbing.
  • Even if there wasn't global warming it makes sense to move away from dirty non sustainable fossil fuels and sync into sustainable sources ASAP.

We have been warned. We are Acting immediately.

There isn't one answer that will help us. There must be a holistic approach and action by everyone.


Emissions Growth Must End by 2015, U.N. Warns

Major flooding in 22 countries...
condolences to all effected.

Southern Ocean already losing ability to absorb CO2
  • Turbulent conditions caused by global warming mean one of the world's largest carbon sinks can no longer store carbon dioxide at the rate humans produce it. More...
Global warming questions and answers by NASA...

Fuel, Electricity and Storage

Bio fuel, Ethanol is not the answer to our energy problem.

It takes a child to understand we don't have enough land, to grow enough plants, such as Sugarcane, Rapeseed, Canola, Hempseed and Corn to convert to Ethanol to run the ever increasing amount of vehicles.

Bio fuel may not contribute much to Co2, carbon monoxide slightly less and nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions are slightly Higher.

When you take up all this land for Ethanol where will the food be grown and what rainforest will be left?

Say No to Ethanol fuels! (Switch grass and Algae maybe OK.)

Bio fuel 'dangerously oversold' as green energy...

OECD report Biofuel's a nightmare unfolding...
The OECD is one of the more conservative groups, making this report even more worrying.

It is logical to use less energy.

It is logical to move toward hybrid technology.

It is logical to make more efficient solar, wind, electrical storage and geothermal devices and use what ever solar, wind and geothermal devices we have to produce and store Hydrogen.




I like these companies, because they are not one of the big guys, but they will be.


Current Storms...>

Arctic sea ice melt 'even faster' June 18th 2008 ...

We all know that a recession is the bitter pill that will really slow down the green house effect; so this must a be a reverse psychological positive we must accept.

One of the by products of melting ice is colder temperatures stream patterns mixing with hotter equator base streams. This will change: Why not take a guess? I love Ice cream, but it's not good for me.

Military finally admits Global Warming is biggest threat to security ...

I'd rather be ready than not.

Latest studies: Earth is warming when it should be cooling! The earth is in it's cooling state period due to
Orbital shape (eccentricity) = the earth should be cooling.

Don't let dropping Oil price fool you, nothing has changed. We still need to move to micro generated renewable sources of energy ASAP. Solar and Wind will help bring down the cost of fossil fuel energy.

Friday 13th 2009 The International Energy Agency (IEA) released its annual World Energy Outlook

Quotes from:

The 120m figure always was nonsense but even today's number is much higher than can be justified and the IEA knows this. . .

Many inside the organization believe that maintaining oil supplies at even 90m to 95m barrels a day would be impossible but there are fears that panic could spread on the financial markets if the figures were brought down further. And the Americans fear the end of oil supremacy because it would threaten their power over access to oil resources. . .

We have [already] entered the 'peak oil' zone. I think that the situation is really bad. . .

. . . imperative not to anger the Americans. . .

Sea level rise outpacing key predictions


Oil prices could move permanently over $100 a barrel very soon. This gloomy assessment comes from the International Energy Agency (IEA). The IEA is well-respected within the industry and isn't known for alarmist warnings. In the IEA's 2007 report, it argues that all governments need to make urgent, bold decisions on energy policy or risk massive environmental and energy supply crises, within two decades. Crises and shortages that could spark serious global conflicts. "I am sorry to say this, but we are headed toward really bad days," IEA chief economist Fatih Birol was reported saying. Kobashi has been saying this since 2000. $200 a barrel is not out of the question. This should mean prices related to oil will double.

Peak oil Solutions:

Solar Energy Systems




This is what's coming at us and very fast, so put on your seat belts and watch: A must view Video click here: Utopia or Oblivion by Harry Braun of phoenixprojectfoundation.us After the credits there is a Newsnights person of the Week. John Lorenzen now 84, was creating his own electricity for his farm back in 1932 from wind; heating his house and barn with solar. In the 70's when there was a gas shortage he used his wind turbine to create hydrogen to run his truck and gets 40mpg.

Map of solar electricity potential in Europe

Notice Germany is not much different in climate than the United Kingdom. Germany is a world leader under Japan. Let's catch up UK!


Creating Hydrogen from Wind, Solar and Hydro power
This is one of the ways we can create Hydrogen right now
and without the use of nasty fossil fuels.

There are 600 million cars on the roads in 2007.


Wind energy Capacity and prediction 1997-2010

(WWEA) World Wind Energy Association




Nuclear is definitely not the answer. Accidents, Storage problem, leaking into water table and seas.

I've heard so many times: "Nuclear is safe" How do you know where all the growing cancers come from? Even Oppenheimer the father of the nuclear bomb admitted: There is no safe level of radiation.

Nuclear Power is dangerous and expensive:

Nuclear cost:

Say No to Nuclear!

Wind energy is more cost effective than Nuclear.
The average cost of generating electricity from onshore wind
is now around 3-4p per kilowatt hour, competitive with new coal (2.5-4.5p) and cheaper than new nuclear (4-7p). Top Myths about Wind Power:

Japan shuts huge nuclear plant after quake

Nuclear fuel response to reactor accidents


Nuclear peace


This seems like a good easy to install wind turbine. Good for a caravan or small office.

Wind turbine good for a school or farm


CH4Methane in Earth's atmosphere

1 tonne methane emission will have 23 times the impact on temperature of a 1 tonne carbon dioxide emission during the following 100 years.

Livestock contributes 1/5 to earths warming.

Source: US Environmental Protection Agency

What environmental benefits do digesters provide? Anaerobic digestion technologies provide air and water quality benefits including pathogen destruction; odor control; organic stability; greenhouse gas (methane) and hydrogen sulfide emission reductions; and some nutrient management benefits. They also offset environmental impacts of fossil fuel generation and provide rural electrical benefits such as green power, distributed generation and voltage support.

Design project could be in conjunction with Aardvark’s Nick Leaney 01984 624989


Waste Management


Greenhouse Gas

Water Quality

Anaerobic Digesters




Key: P=poor, F=fair, G=good, E=excellent, L= low, L=low, M=moderate, H=high


We believe all farm waste or windrow schemes should by law be made to use anaerobic digesters. Methane has a 21 x more effect as a greenhouse gas than base Co2.

“Surface and groundwater contamination are major concerns in expanding the livestock industry. Adopting anaerobic digester technology on farms results in better manure management and reduces the risk of ground or surface water contamination due to leaching of pathogens and nutrients by run-off. Several studies claim that harmful pathogens like e-coli bacteria are considerably reduced using this technology. Apart from this benefit, energy from biogas is considered renewable energy and reduces greenhouse gas emissions (carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide).” thebioenergysite.com

If you are Vegan or Vegetarian: you still contributed to global warming by methane through rice production; soy contributes to the destruction of the rain forest.

Rice production contributes almost as much methane toward global warming as livestock. There maybe a fix for this: Methane fuel cells ( solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC))

N2O nitrous oxide is 296 x more potent than CO2

296 times more impact on global warming than that per mass unit of carbon dioxide (CO2)

Say no to Bio fuels!

With bio fuels, for oilseed rape biomass production, nitrogenous fertilizers produce 6 tonnes of GHG /tonne of fertilizer, and cause soil to release nitrous oxide. Yet N2O is 296 times more potent than CO2 in it’s global warming effects.

Water vapor actually causes the greatest greenhouse effect, so I'm guessing that as the glaciers melt and temperatures increase there will be more water vapor.

Permafrost is melting releasing methane CH4 23x more greenhouse effect than C02 (click for larger picture)

Arctic permafrost melting

As the temperature rises more water vapor is release into the atmosphere from the sea and land. Increased water vapor has the largest global warming effect: holding increasing temperature. Less ice mass, less reflected sun and the greater the heat sink of the sea. As temperature rises more methane releases creating a 23 fold global warming effect against a base Carbon dioxide effect. Carbon dioxide levels are at unprecedented levels already. Correlation between carbon dioxide and temperature levels have been established to have a similar parallel effect patterns. On top of this, we have increased Nitrous oxide levels with a 296 x global warming effect against base CO2, due to industrial farming fertilizers.

Critical mass will be reached around 2015., At this point nothing we can do with present technology will stop the ever increasing temperature.

The Earth has it own cooling mechanism

Once Greenland has melted releasing it's fresh water into the North Atlantic Ocean, sea levels will rise 6 meters and the gulf stream will stow down. Not to mention another 6 meters of sea level due to Antarctica melting. Within 10 years from the Gulf stream slowing we will be in the next ICE AGE.

Please note present CO2 levels have never been as high as they are in recorded history, so the story could be worse. Weather as you know is unpredictable.





CO2 levels


The AquaBuOY

The AquaBuOY is a floating buoy structure that converts the kinetic energy of the vertical motion of oncoming waves into clean electricity.

The AquaBuoy Movie

Air car Minicat

Compressed Air Car is Here!

MDI Motor Development International

A hybrid will go across the USA on one tank of fuel.

The vehicle's new engine, hailed as 'one of the biggest technological advances of the century', uses air compression to turn the pistons without creating any pollution.

Once out on the motorway, the lightweight vehicle can reach 110kph (68mph).

The first car to go into production using the new technology is the MiniCAT.

The £5,500 fibreglass car will cost just £1 to charge up for eight hours of city driving or to cover 200km (124miles).

MDI Motor Development International

MDI Motor Development International is looking for a manufacturer in the UK. To start a manufacturing facility will cost around 12million euro

The Air Car will be available in France in 2009. If you think you can go to France and import one to the UK think again. They only will sell locally, as part of their plan to reduce environmental impact.

Investors needed for start up manufacturing facility in the UK, to sell millions of Air cars & have energy independence.

Request interest form...


Fisker Karma hybrid electric car

Fisker Karma

Fisker Automotive will offer consumers an option to purchase a set of solar panels for their roofs or garages where they can generate electricity during the day to charge the car overnight…again cost and emission free.

electric car CPR

Who killed the electric car? Don't worry it's having CPR and is back from the dead.


EID July 4th 2008 Solar Wind Waves

Cash positive electric car=Big News

EID = Energy Independance Day coined June 23 2008 by Scott Ballard

Dance is no mistake: you should be dancing, support Micro generation of energy now.


More important: climatecrisis.net

Some say it's too late.
Some don't care.
Some think it's not happening.
We must do something now!

Invest in the small companies who are pure Solar and Wind, like

  1. ESLR (Evergreen Solar)
    September 2008: Lehman Brothers was linked to ESLR but not helped by government ,the greatest single drop in the whole stock market and economy followed.
  2. I still stand by my decision in 2006: I sold my Apple stock at USD72 and purchased ESLR even though I had a feeling Apple would go to USD100. Let's face it we have to do what ever we can immediately. I still believe ESLR is a company to help us free ourselves from big oil cartel domination.
  3. Where is our oxygen? Sustainable business...Solar Stocks
  4. Ten years till the point of no return. The polar caps are melting faster than computers predicted.(Get together and stop power monopolies now! DEMAND the governments to make cost effective two-way smart meters available now and give the same rates that electricity suppliers charge us. Connect Solar panels, Wind turbines and Microgen boilers to your two-way smart meter make money and slow down global warming now. Demand power (energy) to the people.

    Microgeneration is the answer!!
    Power to the People, creating an excess of Green energy and export to where it's needed.)
    DON'T LET PEOPLE SAY WE CAN'T DO IT. The world has to do something now. Remember when someone gets on the dance floor others will follow.

Obama a better choice.


BYD E6 Electric Vehicle Specifications

BYD E6 Electric Vehicle Specifications

Tthe E6 will be a 5 seater with an acceleration of 0 to 100 kph of around 10 seconds. Top speed of 160 kph (100 mph), and recyclable battery pack, which is located under the rear passenger seats, will be based on BYD's own lithium-ion iron phosphate technology. Range per charge is expected to be 300 km (186 miles).


I bought my second solar panel from: Midsummer Energy

Nov 7th 2008 Suzhou Shenglong has PV panels at 2.70EUR a watt

Here's a system installed with Shenglong solar panels in ScotLand

Here is actual data on Stuart's system in Scotland.

"Bear in mind that you dont need "sun" to generate power, only intense light. Also, we get upto 18 hours of daylight in the summer !! I am averaging around 1.3kWh at the moment. Maybe doesnt sound a lot but that is every daylight hour of EVERY day. I bought my panels direct from my supplier in China. Unfortunately prices have risen lately but they are still around HALF the price that Kyocera, BP etc charge. My panels use wafers from STP and CEEG. They have a guarantee of 25 years @ 80% power. Dont forget all the power which I use in the house myself BEFORE any extra gets exported !!! Thats worth ££££ too.

The panels have a 25 year 80% power guarantee and a 1 year defective materials guarantee. The inverter is good for at least 15 years.

The 32 panels cost approx £12k and the inverter was around £2k plus cable etc etc. Within the next few months I will be installing solar hot water panels on my roof and then an air source hea tpump to replace my oil boiler.

The $2000USD per year is automatically taken off my electric bill each quarter.

I pay 11.91p per unit day rate and 6.06p night rate for my electric.

I am a heavy power user, approx 12000 Kwh per year, so my solar setup accounts for roughly half of my usage at the moment. My oil boiler uses around $4000USD per year hence why it HAS to go.........................

Stu "

The Energy Intensity of Photovoltaic Systems

Andrew Blakers and Klaus Weber
Centre for Sustainable Energy Systems
Engineering Department, Australian National University

Chevy Volt of 230 mpg-US (1.0 L/100 km; 280 mpg-imp) of gasoline plus 25 kW·h/100 mi (160 km) of electricity


US oil rig production

Click pictures to enlarge..

Hubert peak oil

Green House gases

List of Green House gases


Wave power

Tidal wave solutions

Tidal Power

The PowerBuoy® has undergone ocean testing in both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

The PowerBuoy® has undergone ocean testing in both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

Solar air conditioning
There are many companies selling Solar air conditioning and heating.
There are also solar ventilation solutions.




Fuel Cells 2000 is an activity of the Breakthrough Technologies Institute

Hydrogen has it's place, but I believe Solar, Wind and Hydro Energy conversion to Electricity is a more efficient as a micro generator for the home and vehicles...

The reality is: in order to tackle C02 climate change , all countries must take part. The USA, China, India must take the lead. So far Germany has the lead in Europe. Japan has the lead in Asia.

The weather is going crazy here. Hot one day cold the next hot the next cold the next. June July rain rain and more rain England... 2006 flower came out two weeks early and 2008 4 weeks early. Cherry blossoms in January. February 10th 2008 Peach blossoms begun to appear.



Fossil VS Bio fuelDevice ups Hydrogen energy from sunlightNikola Tesla Tesla electric car Zap-X Crossover Electric Car Electric car comparisons Phoenix sports utility truck videoFire2007 videoDrive Train 100% Electric; 4 electronic wheel hub motors sporting an aggressive 644 horsepower with super capacitor energy bursts

Speed 0 to 60 mph in 4.8 seconds with top speed of 155 mph

Mileage & Range 350 miles per charge; about 1 cent per mile; rapid 10 minute re-charge; 9,000 life cycles

Contradictions in what I have written have got me thinking: What do the scientists think about this one?

Fact: Water Vapor has the highest Global Warming effect. Higher than CO2 or Methane.
Fact: Hydrogen Cars emissions are Water Vapor.
Now just picture millions of cars emitting water vapour.
Have we not thought this one out fully?
Are we creating a bigger problem in respect to Global warming?
I think this may be a case for the solar wind and wave electricity straight into Electric cars.
Much more efficient.

Lightning electric carWhy show these fast electric cars? This is to show that it is already possible to please the biggest gear head and reduce CO2 output. The other beauty is when you have your solar and Wind farm you can charge your car at home!

Lower performance electric cars will be more cost effective, better for the environment and easier to charge with solar panels.

A great site to learn about solar for your home.Solar alchemy turns fumes back into fuels Peak Oil 3. On the scale of the lifetime of our current civilization, oil is a finite resource.

Any energy source is finite given the appropriate amount of time. The sun will eventually exhaust its nuclear fuel, but over the course of a human lifetime (or even the human species’ lifetime) solar energy will not be depleted. Oil production will peak within the lifetime of our current civilization. There is no position in the debate (including abiotic oil proponents) which disagrees with this point.


Be wary of Solar, Wind, and Hydrogen Bashers

After listening to the conservative presidential debate in New Hampshire on CNN yesterday it is clear which way the cons are going: more Nuclear, more Oil refineries, Ethanol crops and  more Coal. Not a mention of Solar, Wind, and Hydrogen. Ethanol fuel took a bashing, in the stocks market, for a good reason. It takes a child to understand we don't have enough land, to grow enough plants, such as Sugarcane, Rapeseed, Canola, Hempseed and Corn to convert to Ethanol to run the ever increasing amount of vehicles.When you take up all this land for Ethanol where will the food be grown and what rain forest will be left?

Solar, Wind, Hydrogen are our cleanest present and near future. Don't think of it as making money. Think of S.W.H. as the future for us on our planet. A true investment for our future. A true investment for our Children. There are a majority of people that know Time is running out. So Stop procrastination, Stop pessimism and support Solar, Wind, And Hydrogen like a charity. Literally millions will die if we don't try to do something now. Let's try to limit the human and environmental damage. All Solar, Wind, And Hydrogen Stocks need our support and guess what we just might make money by doing good.

We have to bring down the cost of Solar, Wind and Hydrogen units. This is the major stumble block for most consumers.  So it is good if profits for a company, decrease, level off and increase due end price drops. With price drops more units will be sold and power independence increased. We make units cheaper buy helping as many companies to succeed. We must tell people politely to see otherwise when they say a wind turbine or solar panel doesn't look good.When I see a solar panel or wind turbine I see hope and that is priceless. Doesn't look good. Tell that to all the people that are looking at their lakes dry up, their animals dying and people starving. Tell that to all the people living in low lands as they are flooded and drowned. It's happening now and it's on the increase. We can do something amazing. Creating energy cleanly and as ethically as possible is one of our greatest achievements.

We are on the brink of one of the greatest revolutions since the car was first invented. It's not transportation that's the problem, it's the fuel that that must be addressed immediately. Don't let the power controllers stop us from energy independence. Our future depends on it. Power to the people: Micro generation is the answer. Don't let the Solar, Wind, and Hydrogen Bashers sway us from our destiny: Energy Independence. After our generation is through solar and wind generators will increase property value. Everyone will want S.W.H. to fuel there power independent vehicles. That's what they are afraid of and that's why they'll bash. continue...

Solar, Wind, Hydrogen are the coolest brands for the new generation. This is our chance. Let's take the bull by the horns and ride in the wind to the sunrise. We will persevere and we will win. Write this in Internet stone. Send this message to the masses.
written June 6 2007

by Scott Ballard

Mon, July 9 2007


I didn't mention Hydroelectric or Geothermal power in this article, but should have.

I agree, of course Hydrogen is not a direct energy source. It has been mentioned together with Wind and Solar because it is easy to produce Hydrogen using Wind power, Solar power, Hydro or Geothermal electrical generation.The faster we stop thinking of cost factors and get Wind power, Solar power, Hydroelectric or Geothermal electrical generation to Hydrogen creation the better. I do prefer plugging a Tesla or other battery vehicle, charge by personal wind, solar or hydro (Water) power; although until charging times are brought down hydrogen hybrids will be preferable to most. Time is running out and money won't matter. I really don't want to quibble about this. Even, if there wasn't global warming I still want fuel that creates carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, Sulfur dioxide, nuclear waste and other detriments shut down, ASAP. Well at least until the Nanobots can restructure them to more useful molecular structures. The_Singularity_is_Near (Kurzweil also mentions stocks in his book.)
Great book showing our technological past and most probable future.

Apocalypse 2012 (I read this book also and even if the end isn't in 2012, it gives one pause to find the answers to many of our world problems. Made me laugh, feel uneasy and only 99% sure the end is not coming.)

Interesting to note I placed the above book and most of the information on this page in 2007 and now the movie 2012 has most of what is on this page in it.

  • More people will buy electric cars and charge them in minutes with their solar panels and wind turbines.More vehicle will be hybrid electric-hydrogen cars.Solar electricity will be create on the Moon and transmitted back to earth via Microwaves. Vehicles will run on hydrogen and create water that is recycled back to hydrogen.Efficiency rates of solar panel will reach 60%. Helium 3 mined from the moon will power our cities.
  • Vehicles will be driven from static electricity and the zero point field.

"Ere many generations pass, our machinery will be driven by a power obtainable at any point of the universe."
Nikola Tesla —"Experiments With Alternate Currents Of High Potential And High Frequency" (February 1892)

II know this sounds impossible, but we do not have a choice. We must learn how to control the tilt of the Earth, it's magnetic's and ionosphere.

The earth is loosing it's magnetic field, is showing changes in it's north south polarity, and at anytime the core could solidify like Mars did. We are on Space Ship Earth spinning on it's axis at 1000 miles per hour, with a core of mostly molten iron (Fe) churning, a balancing magnetic dynamo, against it outer liquid outer core, traveling around the Sun at about 67,000 miles per hour and the Sun is traveling around our Galaxy the Milky Way at around 135 miles per second (about 486,000 miles per hour). We will be in alignment with the Milky Ways black hole supposedly around 2012. Major sun spot activity could theoretical blast the earth with protons.

Global Warming, Sun activity, Earthquakes,Tornados, Hurricanes, Yellowstone Super Volcano, Volcano's, Tsunami, Floods, Nano technology, Peak Oil, GM, Wars, Food Crisis Starvation, Viruses, Bacteria, this is the planet we live on. Learning to smile in adversity, to live and die in a good way is needed more than ever. It's Time to work together to control our environment. Keep focus on the smile and take action :-)

  • In half an hour enough of the sun's energy reaches the Earth's surface to meet the World's energy demand for a year. The sun produces 400,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 watts of power. That's 400 x 1012 TW. The World's average energy consumption is around 14 TW! Just one square cm of the Sun's surface burns with the brightness of 232,500 candles.
  • All the Earth's oil, coal and wood supplies would fuel the Sun for only a few days.

There is more than enough energy; we must only harness it and smile.
What's the point of all this? Everything needs balance to grow, even essential oil plants.


To anyone that is having trouble with this world. (We are routing for your speedy recovery.You can always die, but you can't always live in this magical form.
We need people like you to help us laugh, think and get on with the task at hand.)You might need a comedian to keep you laughing.

I don't see the point of sticking my head in the sand, better to turn it into silicon, ingots and solar panels.


PS: My disconnected political statements are based on fear of what's happening all over the world: argument over rightful status, independence, or prerogative, religious dispute, arrogance, omnipotent megalomania and narcissism, disregard for the feelings and live of others, base on own want and projected fear scenarios, ends justifying the means, lack mentality, basic and complex distrust and I could go on.

I should perhaps follow the old saying there is nothing to fear, but fear itself. Sorry if I exacerbated any of these fears. I do care about people and I'm sure you do also. I don't want to sit on the fence and as you I want everything to move to a positive conclusion. No wars, Stop aids, Cure cancer, Food for all people http://www.wfp.org/, protect and stabilize our environment, education for all, a stable economy, etc, etc

There's positive hope: there are many organizations and people helping people and the environment throughout the world. Much of the problems of the world are being fixed seeing each other as a human just like you. kind regards,Scott Ballard


PLEASE STOP COAL FIRE STATIONS NOW. Of course solar, wind, geothermal, hydro and wave energy are the way to go and can give us all the energy we need.

BUT, If we don't stop coal fire stations: WE DON'T HAVE A CHANCE TO SLOW DOWN GLOBAL WARMING. All our efforts will be ruined.

Our biggest threat: NASA Scientist Explains Threat of Coal>


http://english.ohmynews.com/articleview/article_view.asp?at_code=331229&no=292233&rel_no=1 http://www.newscientist.com/article.ns?id=dn6763




Aerotecture.com Vertical wind turbines for your coporation.


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